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Example sentences for blowhole

Unlike today's whales, it had no blowhole-the ancient behemoth had to raise its head above water to breathe.
The largest animal ever to have lived, the blue whale is a marvel of bone and blubber, blowhole and baleen-in immense proportions.
When the whale surfaces, the muscles open the blowhole and stale air comes out from the lungs.
However, there could have been one or more than one blowhole through the zinc chromate putty before ignition.
Orcas breathe by opening the muscular flap of the blowhole.
Don't miss the blowhole, a fascinating geologic feature.
Any applied water should be directed away from the dolphin's blowhole.
Body color is dark with white lips and throat and a dark dorsal cape that is narrow between the blowhole and dorsal fin.
The dorsal fin usually appears at the same time as the blowhole, when the animal surfaces to breathe.
Toothed whales have a single blowhole and do not have baleen plates.
To take a breath whales must swim to the surface and exhale through their blowhole.
The presence of teeth and one external blowhole distinguishes toothed whales from baleen whales.
The tiny faces on each blackfish represent the blowhole.
Note the severe depression visible at the blowhole, denoting significant weight loss.
Some say that this is where the wind is born, and some say this land is nothing but a blowhole.
Fresh lava, visible at the bottom of the pit, has since filled in the cave connecting the blowhole to the sea.
The marine mammals must come to the surface to breathe through the blowhole on the tops of their heads.
When breathing, whales remain mostly submerged and simply expel excess water from the blowhole before inhaling air into the lungs.
Beluga whales are warm-blooded mammals that breathe through a blowhole on the top of the head.
Some adults have dark flecks on the body, and a few have a dark ring of spots surrounding the neck behind the blowhole.
Each time a dolphin surfaces, the flap over its blowhole opens.
The head lacks a distinct beak, and the melon tapers gradually from the area of the blowhole to a rounded tip.
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