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Example sentences for blot

Blot any juice from the cut end, then tap it onto your ink pad to cover the star's entire surface.
For milder stains, mix club soda and cornstarch on a rag, and then blot the affected area.
The key is to blot out the lighthouse while leaving a clear view of the firefly.
Grief is causing him to blot out much of this celebratory season.
To blot for one blest moment each vile thought of sin.
Surely, sir, a blot or two of a warm afternoon is not to be severely urged against gray hairs.
They felt that it was high-handed and brutal, and that it fixed an indelible blot on the national conscience.
Both developments make the time ripe for dealing with perhaps the biggest blot on the world's trading system: agriculture.
Make-work schemes mop up some of the jobless, but may blot a curriculum vitae.
The astronomer lowers his gaze from the growing ink blot in the sky and looks towards the horizon.
Don't expect a sharply defined perfect circle to completely blot out the face of the moon.
There is only one blot on it, and that is not the work of necessity.
We hold tight our views of the world, shield them from criticism, and nurture them until they blot out all others.
His eyes appeared closed, as if he were trying to blot out something insupportable.
They often blot out sequences of a different, indeed contradictory nature.
Thus his column becomes one of those ink blot cards in which people see what they want.

Famous quotes containing the word blot

Whoever has sinned against me I will blot out of my book.... more
Civilization is maintained by a very few people in a small number of places and we need only some bombs and a few prison... more
O to blot out this garden to forget, to find a new beauty in some terrible wind-tortured place.... more
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