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Example sentences for blooming

The mint needs to be pruned to keep it from blooming or outgrowing its space.
Of late there has been much less found usually blooming in early to middle spring.
Trees are blooming, birds are chirping, people are squinting.
Flowers are blooming, and things are beginning to come back, but it will never be the same again.
Blooming and opening meant the same thing in relation to flowers.
For those countries not yet blooming with new ventures, get ready.
And pointing to a couple of flowers blooming in a toxic landscape doesn't cut it.
The frozen plants, blooming again after millennia in the freezer, seeded a new generation.
Perhaps we're caught up in some crazy blooming belly button dream.
In this case, it's responsible for shifting the flowers' blooming schedule.
Polychromatic lights illuminated the expansive gardens, and bushes of blooming azaleas bordered the pool.
Here and there a splash of white or crimson marked the blooming of some trailing epiphyte.
Her enthusiasm is contagious, the children look blooming.
They rode through the blooming woods, where the green boughs swept their shoulders, and the little birds sang in the fresh leaves.
The blooming oleanders and hydrangeas were a delight to the eye.
They may be blooming in your garden, but magnolias are not faring so well in the wild.
Some species chase down insects in the air, while others lick nectar and pollen from night-blooming flowers.
Even binoculars or a small telescope will reveal the nebula as a beautiful luminescent cloud in the shape of a blooming flower.
Flower color comes primarily from blooming shrubs and perennials.
Asters are on many a gardener's list of favorite fall-blooming perennials.
Or wait until late spring or early summer to buy blooming plants in containers.
With close neighbors, you could plant a blooming vine on it for a living fence.
In the dead of winter, spring-blooming bulbs are especially welcome in the house.
They begin blooming in late spring or early summer and continue until late fall.
Wheat ripening and sunflowers on the verge of blooming.
To extend the color show, she also requests some early- and late-blooming varieties.
Spring-blooming poppy has frilled ruby-and-purple petals.
Couples enjoy outdoor activities together, including walking along scenic trails under a canopy of blooming trees.
Spring offers pleasant sunshine, blooming flowers and lower traffic.
Pick up a discovery sheet when you enter the garden and find out which plants are growing or blooming.
In the early spring, the park's big draw includes blooming wildflowers found along the roads and trails.
The warmer weather brings bright displays of blooming flowers and drier conditions can make navigating the gardens much easier.
Even though the garden is glorious with many late-blooming flowers, this truly is the time to think about spring.
Plant or transplant evergreens, spring-blooming shrubs, new perennials and ground covers.
They affirm that the buzzing, blooming confusion of the universe can be reduced to a tidy vertical column.
Combining these shrubs with colorful, winter-blooming bulbs can sustain the avid gardener through the last droll months of winter.
To extend the daylily blooming season, consider adding early, late and re blooming varieties to your garden.
When crown vetch is blooming its many pink blossoms make it quite noticeable and easy to locate.
Most spring blooming and fall blooming bulbs are dormant much of the summer.
Do not apply this product or allow it to drift to blooming crops or weeds if bees are visiting the treatment area.
My autumn-blooming clematis climbed to the top of my.

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