bloomers in a sentence

Example sentences for bloomers

Only problem is they are late bloomers and do not produce as much as some varieties.
It offers succor to late bloomers still unpublished well into their late twenties.
These cheery bloomers light up cool days with happy colors.
In fall, bulbs are interplanted with pansies and other spring bloomers.
She shimmies it, twists it, upends it to reveal polka-dot bloomers.
It's not every day that a museum explores the distinction between bloomers and pantaloons.
Most of our developmentally delayed preschoolers are speech delayed but are not simply late bloomers.
Though they are all late bloomers, some are a lot later than others.
They wore tiny dresses and skirts so short that their frilly satin tennis bloomers showed.
There were kooky ikat print, deconstructed bloomers in ruffled pink and yellow cotton, and roomy coats with built-in bags.
Registrants will be responsible for cost of warm-ups, midriff, and bloomers.
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