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Then it rained, and by the time shooting started, the desert had bloomed into green.
The field of gut microbe study has bloomed in the past few years after decades in the shadows.
Although a thousand theoretical flowers have bloomed, they still lack a firm basis in physical principles.
They nodded, and a thrilling heat bloomed beneath my skin.
Flowers in the software industry have bloomed prolifically.
It did rise at last and the vast red flower at its tail bloomed.
She has a new and unattempted problem to solve, perchance that of the happiest nature that ever bloomed.
She dilates upon the flowers that bloomed here last month and are going to bloom next.
T he romance bloomed, but the career seemed blocked.
Undiscovered little fishing villages along the coast long ago bloomed into resort towns.
Unfortunately for the bus driver, true romance has bloomed between the newlyweds.
Light pruning after spring-flowering shrubs have bloomed is fine.
When they bloomed this season they are all bright yellow.
The abelia, which has bloomed profusely since the summer, slowly ends its flowering show.
After they have bloomed for the first time, they should be established.
The seedlings bloomed and some produced fruits inside the bags, making these seedlings self-pollinating.
They grew and bloomed last summer from plants that were in their second year.
Yes, broccoli is made up of flower buds that haven't yet bloomed.
The flower has hairy buds, which are sticky and persist after the flower has bloomed.
It thawed, started microscopic rusting for a short while, then finally bloomed red and crusty.
Ramblers are always pruned in summer, after they've bloomed.
The treatment should be applied after the plant has bloomed and prior to dormancy.
Some cane dieback had occurred during winter but about half of the buds bloomed.
Shortly after it was detected a supernova bloomed at virtually the same spot.
The freshly bloomed delicate flowers feel as soft as a peach.
The seedlings bloomed, and some produced fruits inside the bags.
Trees bloomed for a first time during this growth season and bloom strength was evaluated at full bloom.

Famous quotes containing the word bloomed

In the atom's fizz and pop we heard possibility uncorked. Taffeta wraps whispered on davenports. A new planet bloo... more
The hedge [of hawthorns] formed a type of suite of chapels disappearing under the wall of their flowers heaped as on an ... more
It was as if a morning-glory had bloomed in her throat and all that blue and small pollen ate into my heart... more
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