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Promoters of this often present this with a bloodthirsty glee.
Be the leaders never so bloodthirsty, the common people have had enough of fighting.
Stock-car fans are sometimes caricatured as bloodthirsty, eagerly awaiting the next spectacular crash.
As spectators become less knowledgeable about the games they watch, they become more sensation-minded and bloodthirsty.
Disheartening seeing bloodthirsty barbarians trying to rationalize execution.
Appreciation of the spin bowler's art separates the cerebral fan from the bloodthirsty.
Not to make the other team feel good or his players feel good or even the bloodthirsty alums feel good.
The responsibility is likely to make him surly, if not downright bloodthirsty.
Due to their size, striking features and bloodthirsty habits, horse flies and deer flies seldom go unnoticed.
There they are safe from all invaders except the bloodthirsty mink.
They had a reputation among some people for bloodthirsty killing of domestic animals, especially sheep.
They would simply begin shooting or stabbing at their foe with bloodthirsty abandon.
He was not by nature bloodthirsty nor cruel, and besides that in small matters he.
Which bloodthirsty missive meant nothing, except that many of them.

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