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Typically, a couple of dozen slip into the bloodstream.
Once inside the body, the parasites enter the bloodstream and are quickly carried to the liver.
Nano-size sensors placed in the bloodstream could better detect early onset of diseases, for example.
Inhaling smoke from a crack pipe enables the cocaine to be absorbed into the bloodstream as rapidly as it would be if injected.
Smoking crack cocaine introduces the drug to the bloodstream as rapidly as an injection.
Once in a human's bloodstream, the parasite lodges in the liver, burrowing into cells where it feasts and multiplies.
Septicemic plague, which spreads in the bloodstream, comes either via fleas or from contact with plague-infected body matter.
In comparison to smoking, few molecules make their way into the bloodstream.
In the bloodstream, tiny machines could cure diseases.
These nano-sized sensors would float around the bloodstream until they ran into some toxic chemical or disease-causing germ.
Immune cells produce antibodies that then try to eliminate the disease in the bloodstream.
As a result, preservatives end up coursing through the patient's bloodstream.
If these blood clots detach and flow through the bloodstream, they reach the lungs, causing pulmonary embolism.
Without secretory ducts, these organs release hormones directly into the bloodstream.
If bacteria enter the bloodstream, they can cause organs to fail.
We have reason to think that the spirochetes have been in my bloodstream for a decade, for who knows how long.
It is not until they re-emerge in the bloodstream and invade the blood cells that symptoms appear.
It does not collect in the bloodstream or get stored in the body.
They were injected with wax that hardened into painful lumps and that eventually seeped into her bloodstream.
Plasmapheresis may be used in addition to the systemic medications to reduce the amount of antibodies in the bloodstream.
Where the capillaries and alveoli meet, oxygen crosses into the bloodstream.
Phosphates help reduce the breakdown of bone that releases calcium into the bloodstream.
Lactic acidosis is when lactic acid builds ups in the bloodstream faster than it can be removed.
Yet people still forget to take their medication, and drug levels in the bloodstream surge and sink with each dose.
First comes an onslaught of antibodies soon after any familiar virus is detected in the bloodstream.
Throughout the day, cortisol levels in the bloodstream vary.
Over time, insulin was secreted and subsequently controlled the glucose levels in the animals' bloodstream.
Further, relatively few of the deposits expand so much that they shrink the bloodstream to a pinpoint.
Free-floating messages in the bloodstream could soon provide a unique window into the body.
Insulin allows glucose to go from the bloodstream to the cells, where it is used as fuel.
The insulin resulting from the carbs is required to concentrate the tryptophan in the bloodstream.
Painful and scary events that affect us cause our brains to release fight of flight hormones into out bloodstream.
In order to work, however, they must be combined with other materials that enable them to mix in with the bloodstream.
Once inside the bloodstream of the bitten individual, the sporozoites home in on the liver.
Cells that slough into the bloodstream can take hold at distant sites-and a metastasis is born.
Key ingredients in the juices appear to block a molecule that carries drugs from the small intestine into the bloodstream.
The undigested gluten leaks thru tiny pits in the abdomen, get into the bloodstream and apparently cross the blood-brain barrier.
In other words, little or no melatonin ever leaves the intestine and leaks into the bloodstream.
Once these abnormal cells enter the bloodstream, they can also cause the spleen to swell and damage other organs.
Normally, when someone smokes a cigarette, the nicotine in it is carried to his brain in the bloodstream.
However, if they enter the bloodstream, they can cause disease.
The bloodstream floods with endorphins-the closest thing to morphine that the body produces.
The idea is to build up a hostile environment for any virus that does make it into the bloodstream.
It tunnels through human skin, invades the bloodstream and lays eggs.
After a week, they break out of the liver cells and enter the bloodstream.
Through the membrane, the cells detect the level of glucose in the human bloodstream and release insulin as required.
The insulin resistance, according to this idea, diverts glucose to the brain by keeping it available in the bloodstream.
We must wait for all the bubbles in the bloodstream of our economy to fizzle out and our economy recover from the bends.
The protein that this gene codes for is involved in transporting cholesterol in the bloodstream.
Because digestive juices break down insulin, diabetics must inject it directly into the bloodstream.
Leptin is a hunger-slaking hormone pumped into the bloodstream by fat cells.
Eardrums burst, bubbles appear in the bloodstream, the heart slows.
They then injected the antibody-erythropoietin combination into the bloodstream of mice.
The open end of the shunt was placed in the abdomen, where the fluid could be safely reabsorbed into the bloodstream.
If they break loose and travel through the bloodstream to the lungs or the brain, the consequences can be catastrophic.
Sometimes the anesthesiologist will use a blood pressure cuff on a patient's arm to block the muscle relaxants in the bloodstream.
The gene was inserted into a group of muscle cells, which manufactured the antibody and released it into the bloodstream.
Bacteria released during these treatments can enter the bloodstream and infect a leaky valve.
Normally it's not much of a problem, unless a cut lets it into the bloodstream.
It induces production of hydrogen sulfide in the bloodstream, giving the illusion that the host is dead.
No matter what his doctors did, they could not stop the hormone from pouring into his bloodstream.
Systemic delivery of a compound, via the bloodstream, can cause dangerous side effects.
The technology might be used to treat people suffering from drug intoxication, bloodstream infections, and certain cancers.
Normally, beta cells in the pancreas release the hormone insulin into the bloodstream in response to high glucose levels.
When released into the bloodstream, these virus particles attract and lock onto the molecule.
But the mix of drugs and polymers tends to diffuse into the bloodstream at an unpredictable rate.
The fat moves into the bloodstream, travels to other tissues, and gets burned.
There's no way of knowing at this stage how the backpack-wearing cells would fare as they circulated in the bloodstream.
What happens once these particles reach the bloodstream is unclear.
The chemical engineer uses polymers to carry injected genes through the bloodstream.
For example, the human immune system attacks bacteria when they're injected into the bloodstream.
Hidden in the micelle, the drug is absorbed by the intestine into the bloodstream.
After all, high cholesterol in the bloodstream isn't a problem unless it is forming clogs and denying oxygen to vital organs.
These cases are usually not the so-called invasive infections--those that enter the bloodstream and can damage tissues.
They then looked for how it affected the animals' bloodstream.
Fat from the belly is more easily mobilized and sent into the bloodstream, where it can clog vital blood vessels.
The government has approved general use of skin patches that deliver estrogen directly to the bloodstream.
The lymph system is an elaborate network of vessels similar to the bloodstream.

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