bloodletting in a sentence

Example sentences for bloodletting

The first printed anatomical text, it covered dissection and other topics such as bloodletting and urinoscopy.
And the quickest way to remedy was the imbalance was through bloodletting.
It seems keener on blood transfusions than on bloodletting.
But whether his moves are the answer to the bloodletting, and to the eight-month labour dispute behind it, is another matter.
The bombs ignited an unprecedented spate of sectarian bloodletting.
The bloodletting it unleashed has undermined any moral case anyway.
Our people hatred of bloodletting and military rule.
About a year earlier, she had been let go from a big advertising firm as part of what she calls a general bloodletting.
The sacrificial bloodletting is accompanied by the offering of a fish to represent the watery underworld.
The corpses are piling up, the mood is dark and foreboding, and the evidence of bloodletting is everywhere.
Throughout all the running, panting and bloodletting, the film never loses sight of its primary lesson.
Rival cartels have begun trying to outdo one another in displays of depraved bloodletting.
Making matters worse, some observers say, is the city leadership's apparent indifference to the bloodletting.
They also performed surgery, tooth extractions, and bloodletting.
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