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Inside each, pale, bloodless sheep faces cook until they're bronze brown and ready to be served.
The animal feasting is, though bloodless, still accompanied by appropriate sound effects.
But even its sleek, polygonal, bloodless virtuality is a terrifying thing to witness and to comprehend.
Usually the procedure is relatively bloodless because the lower uterus has fewer blood vessels than the upper portion.
The operation is nearly bloodless and, since brain tissue does not register sensation, almost painless as well.
No-fly zones are not bloodless affairs, and are often measured in years rather than months.
Now it appears to be a calculated method of executing a bloodless coup.
The boss himself acknowledges that the major revolution of consciousness he predicts will not be bloodless.
It was a doe with a pink bloodless lip of wound near her shoulder.
Their cheeks were bloodless, and in place of hair writhing and swelling serpents curled around their brows.
Nearby is a long bone, a femur probably, that has been gnawed to a bloodless white.
We can only talk of medicine as it is not-bloodless, aseptic, and somehow divorced from our own understanding of humanity.
The coup will be bloodless because the people are ready for it.
Despite its many violent episodes, the film remains bloodless.
The good news about her current exhibition is that she has found a bloodless alternative.
The film is highlighted by what must be the more unrealistically bloodless gun duel in screen history.
Pakistanis are marvelling at a bloodless and almost gunless coup that seems to have made them freer.
Similarly, those who can brag that their gold is clean and their diamonds bloodless can pull moral rank on those who cannot.
Canadians have not warmed to him: he comes over as a bloodless control freak.
As usual, bloodless re-enactments are being staged on the original site.
Marine experts feel the term gives the wrong impression about the drifting, brainless, bloodless blobs.
It was a peculiarly bloodless demolition of a largely toothless group.
They are intended to provide for a bloodless transfer of power.

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