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Snakes are cold blooded, and as such don't eat much.
In one corner, an ice chapel beckons those impulsive and hot-blooded enough to get hitched.
My predictions were pretty cold-blooded, because they came from really two completely distinct areas.
She is full-blooded enough-a sometimes amusing gargoyle-to require a substantial amount of technique.
One showed by its behavior how little an ordinary shot pains or affects these dull-nerved, cold-blooded creatures.
Some live exclusively on warm-blooded animals, on mammals, or birds.
When the weather cools, cold-blooded animals slow down, which should be good news for their potential prey.
In this kind of suspended animation, warm-blooded animals essentially turned into cold-blooded ones.
And an active warm-blooded creature can exceed it's predicted metabolic rate by as much as a factor of ten.
Some blood-sucking bugs can sense the temperature of their warm-blooded hosts.
The hottest bad boys in contemporary fiction are cold-blooded vampires.
Unlike cold-blooded neck biters, these poster guys for animal magnetism are hot.
It would be naive to urge or expect either country to become a full-blooded democracy in a trice.
But neither full-blooded libertarians nor allegedly liberty-loving tea-party enthusiasts really care much about governing.
Both tunas and billfishes are among a handful of fish that are partially warm-blooded.
The discovery marks the first time scientists have seen this cold-blooded survival strategy in mammals.
When the mechanical arm then mimics the surgeon's movement, it does so with a cold-blooded calm no human could ever approach.
The machine inside the box is supposed to register the flow of heat coming off the warm-blooded dolphins.
He argued that they may have even been warm-blooded.
No less horrible in some respects, but not in the cold-blooded way you imply.
One aspect of these ancient societies and their languages is the almost cold-blooded torpidity with which change occurred.
We had already come to realize that not all dinosaurs were cold blooded.
Much the same is true of lizards and cold-blooded creatures.
Giant reptiles that ruled dinosaur-era seas might have been warm-blooded, a new study says.
Leopard seals are the only known seals to regularly hunt warm-blooded prey.
Lizards are cold-blooded animals and regulate their body temperature by basking in the sun.
They are a close relative of the great white shark and one of the few sharks with warm-blooded capabilities.
They are the only seal known to hunt other warm-blooded animals.
If any criminal defense attorney out there has gotten a better sentence for a cold-blooded double homicide, let me know.
Fecal coliforms are bacteria found in the fecal material of humans and other warm-blooded animals.
Anthrax is a potentially fatal disease of all warm-blooded animals, including humans.
Reptiles are considered cold-blooded because their body temperature is determined by their surrounding environment.
Giardia is excreted into the environment from the fecal material of the warm-blooded hosts.
Tusklike mandibles protruding from the screwworm larva's mouth rasp the flesh of living warm-blooded animals.
Many cold-blooded animals, and dragonflies are cold-blooded, have difficulty being active when the air temperatures are cold.
Often people mistake these animals with another cold blooded group, the reptiles.
Fecal coliforms normally reside in the intestinal tract of warm-blooded animals.
Winter in this region is a time of food crisis for all warm-blooded wildlife.
These cold-blooded reptiles take in heat from their surroundings.
He is feisty and anti-Establishment, but his patriotism makes that posture seem safe and red-blooded.

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