bloodbath in a sentence

Example sentences for bloodbath

Wherever it has existed, that existence required a bloodbath.
Even a postmodernist bloodbath is wet, sticky, and red.
But since the market bloodbath began at the beginning of the month, tech stocks have actually been a pretty good place to be.
Race is one of those areas where an epistemological deformation bloodbath on all sides seems to occur in my observation.
If you want to see the real bloodbath, wait until it's time to adopt textbooks using these new standards.
It will soon become clear whether the crackdown can stem the sectarian bloodbath.
His capture makes it less likely that the police invasion will turn into a bloodbath.
The bloodbath had come to an end in less than five minutes.
Restoring a richer context in which these battles are described and interpreted transforms the war into more than a bloodbath.
Then again, they were also blaming a five-year bloodbath on that same treatise.
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