blood transfusion in a sentence

Example sentences for blood transfusion

We don't devote long speeches to the people who plate the needles needed for blood transfusion apparatus.
But the risk, if it exists, is apt to be slight and is surely no reason to forgo receiving a lifesaving blood transfusion.
In the same way, an organ that is not matched can trigger a blood transfusion reaction or transplant rejection.
Bleeding around your kidney may require a blood transfusion.
Immune responses evoked by blood transfusion, when they occur, are usually humoral in nature.
My cousin got it from a blood transfusion, granted that was a long time ago.
Testing showed that he had received an illegal blood transfusion.
Rather than using a tourniquet at the neck to stop the bleeding, they should consider a blood transfusion.
And sometimes that means transfusion, blood transfusion.
She was told that her iron was so low, if it didn't get stable she'd have to have a blood transfusion.
He was diagnosed with renal failure, and he was dehydrated, anemic and in need of a blood transfusion.
She went to a hospital last week for a blood transfusion and nearly died.
If you lose too much blood during the procedure, you may be given a blood transfusion to replenish your blood supply.
Blood transfusion: indications and administration.
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