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Example sentences for blonde

He was pale pink, with poker-straight reddish-brown hair that later grew into platinum-blonde curls.
The blonde half of the joke is as false as any other joke of its derogatory ilk, but the other half gets at a fact about writers.
Her straightened hair had been streaked with blonde highlights, and her skin glowed.
The monks couldn't believe our blonde hair, blue eyes, and camera equipment.
The aforementioned blonde is about to defend her dissertation.
Short, blonde and stout, she was not cut out to be hauled into a bus by the police.
Her strawberry blonde hair was pinned back into a tidy bun.
One has dark curly hair with green eyes and the other has straight blonde hair with blue eyes.
Everyone else is a drone in dusty gray jammies, and you're a busty blonde with a big hammer.
The company's site baits would-be video-chatters with photos that include a fetching blonde.
They are beautiful and blonde, dependent on sleighs, and have silver mines.
In this video, particularly during the cage sequence, there is a lot of dyed-blonde hair-flipping.
Another marine, with a blonde buzz cut and dirt streaked across his face, soon hobbled into the tent.
He'll be bent over backwards, his blonde hair in the water, and he'll find a way to stand up.
Her hair was piled on her head, so unnaturally blonde it looked ablaze, and her face was bronze.
She's usually a bottle blonde, stuffed into a tight sweater that outlines her oddly conical breasts.
No two students standing next to each other can both have blonde hair.
She writes blonde even though her hair is an indefinite shade.
He was wearing a blonde wig and a captain's or policeman's hat and coat.
Her hair would be fresh-cut, falling in straight blonde waves.
They were basically debating whether my character should be a real blonde or a fake blonde.

Famous quotes containing the word blonde

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