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Example sentences for blond

He has longish blond-gray hair, green eyes, and a light beard and mustache.
In color photographs of the body taken at the time, she lies on an examining table, her blond hair fanned out behind her.
When he runs one hand through his blond hair, frowning as though.
Chamomile brightens blond hair, while henna darkens and colors hair.
Some browning occurs, but generally speaking, this is a blond bread.
Electricity blackouts are not welcome when you're in the middle of brewing thousands of gallons of blond and brown ales.
All the boys were large and blond and had big teeth.
She is beautiful: slender as a doll, with fine blond hair and gray eyes.
Lynd has deep-set eyes and wavy blond hair graying at the temples.
Another quilt of cornfields appears and, beyond that, a blond meadow.
The photograph before me was taken a year or so ago, cut to fit my wallet, his strawberry blond hair pulled back in a ponytail.
Strawberry blond hair spills out from beneath her yellow baseball cap.
But their fur color varies a lot, so there are whitish ones, brownish ones and even blond ones.
Hey, blond hair and blue eyes are recessive as are red hair and green eyes.
Two thousand years ago such dogmatism, readily welcome, would have scouted the idea of blond races ever leading civilization.
Last seen in the company of a blond shiksa with an engagement ring.
Our blond waiter, courteous and dignified, was obviously gratified by our choice.
She's looking in the mirror, her long blond curls knotted and wet.
He has the same blond-white hair and stocky build and is wearing an expensive suit.
She wears her hair in a heavy blond shoulder-length fall.
Both were blond, their hair almost white, with invisible eyebrows and lashes.
Its eyebrows are blond, and wisps of pale hair escape its snugly superimposed blue and red bonnets.
Out of kindness and nostalgia he befriends a stupefied blond hippie.
Forty years old at the time, he was still trim and ruddy with a shock of blond hair.
As one blond celebrity heiress and embodiment of emptiness might say, nothing is hot.
Manicurists and hairdressers tended to her nails and blond hair.
She holds her cigarette aloft while repeatedly pushing back her bright blond hair.
She wore berry-pink lipstick outlined with a brick-colored lip liner, and her frosted blond hair in a simple chin-length bob.
He swaps out the bleached-blond hair and earrings for a rugged beard and eyebrow stud.
She's my body double: blond hair, hazel eyes and fair skin.
She is picture pretty already, with blond hair and fetching green eyes.

Famous quotes containing the word blond

Therefore bivouac we On this great, blond highway, unimpeded by Veiled scruples, worn conundrums. Morning i... more
Discontented women dream of being rescued by Prince Charming. Discontented men dream of finding a horny blondmore
and Olaf, too preponderatingly because unless statistics lie he was more brave than me: more blond than yo... more
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