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Example sentences for blogging

Having to put out a magazine every month really interferes with your chicken-blogging.
Admittedly, food blogging is not the same as reporting about war or the deficit.
The two trainers will also be blogging and sharing their experiences with everyone.
Blogging is about instantaneousness, but there are times a blogger has to sit on something before knowing what's bothering her.
Being a scientist makes spontaneous blogging on some topics problematic.
And another has lost her position because she apparently got a little too informative while blogging.
Smart companies are sharing secrets with rivals, blogging about products in their pipeline, even admitting to their failures.
That's why, starting right now and for the next two weeks, we'll be blogging about nothing but string all day and every day.
It was his blogging prowess that led to his job, and much of the job consists of blogging.
Blogging lets people think in public in a way that's refreshing.
My hat is off to the protestors whose blogging in the icy cold was great and unforgiving of those who tried to shrug them off.
He's chosen not to undergo chemotherapy, but he will be blogging about his experience.
Blogging made it easy for friends and family to follow my progress.
Sadly, our jam-packed itinerary doesn't include much computer time, so blogging from the field is not an option.
We desperately need scientists to be blogging and participating in public events.
It was my first time live blogging a science conference and my first time interviewing scientists about their work.
Data collection week is awesome, but it means less time for blogging.
Twitter competes in the micro-blogging and social networking spaces.
And some are starving and or freezing and might be neighbors blogging from nearby.
It's really too bad he didn't survive into the world of blogging, he would have been the king of science blogging.
And we're all amateur blogging hobbyists with day jobs.
Besides, these days physicists are too busy blogging.
My own line of work as a science writer can make blogging a bit awkward every now and then.
The blogging, traveling, etc simply makes demands that puts personal-hygiene on the back-burner.
Which is a little bit less impressive than it sounds, since science blogging hasn't been around for that many centuries.
And in this world of twittering and tweeting and blogging and blagging, people tend to know everything about everybody.
But he did something else along the way: he started blogging about his recovery.
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