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Example sentences for blogger

She is the blogger of a school blog, but no one knows that the blogger is her.
But the only thing that's keeping her from that is her position as a blogger for one of the school blogs.
Last month he flaunted both his technical know-how and his flair for self-promotion by emerging as the country's top blogger.
Instead of fighting fires, they spent the next few days looking for the blogger to give him his alarm.
It's the rare blogger who knows the power of anonymity.
There's no sense in being a typical blogger, commenting on serious matters by trying to find every flaw and loophole in a story.
The comments in this section probably say more about the blogger than the problem.
The blogger to my left muttered something about how far removed she'd been feeling from her meals lately.
One blogger said that groups are now more important than individuals in forging new technology trends and ideas.
Blogging is about instantaneousness, but there are times a blogger has to sit on something before knowing what's bothering her.
It takes a book blogger to keep recommending books you can't read.
Contract negotiations are based on a number of factors, including how often the blogger updates his or her site.
It is rare to see someone take on a difficult blogger with such clarity and without emotional response.
Now you see any blogger talking about those things, but it was unheard of in that era.
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