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Example sentences for blog

Get a first-hand feel for scientific exploration by following the blog posts of researchers out in the field.
The blog was a way for me to share my deep-rooted passion for food and cooking.
She uses her blog to write lovingly and informatively about an enormous range .
Right now ordinary citizens compose 1.5 million blog posts per day.
It's a silent conversation taking place in cyberspace on a new blog.
When her objections are ignored, she and two friends create a blog to encourage other students to speak up about injustices.
Encouraged by his family, Saramago agreed to blog about any and everything he had to say.
Each question is linked to an article or blog post in which an answer can be found.
The new release ensures that your links won't break when an article or blog post is updated or revised.
For example, if a blog post is about dogs, ads for dog food or dog grooming might appear beside it.
When something new is posted to this blog, you will be notified.
We'll be sorting through the images to find our favorites, and will be posting them here on the blog in the next few weeks.
Check out their tweets, pictures, a map and more on their intern blog.
Reading his blog, it's easy to see why people pay to hear what he has to say.
With that in mind, we'll be updating this new blog several times every day.
In fact, this blog became a primary communications tool and readership greatly exceeded our expectations.
Blog public comments should be limited to comments related to the posted topic.
The blog is not the proper place to express opinions or beliefs not directly related to that topic.
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