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All that is necessary is to remove the resistances blocking the way.
The police officer stepped into the traffic, blocking our car.
They built the view blocking wall to stop rubbernecking and accidents.
Our revised view of the dynamics was that blocking air from the elevator is what caused the nose to drop.
Here, with trees behind them blocking the sun, during the daytime the openings are dark voids and light bounces off the remainder.
Finally she planted agaves, aloes, and other species to cover the slope without blocking ocean views.
The government often tries to rein them in during crises by blocking the use of sensitive keywords.
Export controls on web-blocking technologies would also be reviewed.
Blocking publication may be, they claim, but it will be modest compared to the benefits of not doing the work in the first place.
Across the city rubble poured into the streets, blocking rescue workers' routes, as screams filled the air.
He puts a bit of this into the hives, blocking the bees' entrance so that they have to chomp their way through it.
Sometimes their duties involve body-blocking wildlife.
And there, if all goes well, it will stick-blocking the hole in a manner suitable to its rather contrived acronym.
Blocking or keeping things private are hardly protecting anyone.
He tried blocking sound perception, or smell, and still the mice reacted to one another.
The complaint seeks a court order blocking further sale of those videos.
The vine is invasive, killing anything it can overtake by blocking sunlight.
While many roads are re-opened, traveling is still difficult, with dangerous cracks and breaks in the roads blocking the way.
Cobra receptors have a unique sugar molecule that acts as an umbrella, blocking the toxin from binding to the receptor.
The steep sides of the splatter cone rise up, blocking his view.
Others, such as hot dogs and beef stew, are sealed in microbe-blocking plastic bags.
The politician who loses a word on the tip of his tongue during a stump speech is experiencing the sin of blocking.
The place is on the water but hidden by the marina, which has boats stacked three to five high, blocking my sight lines.
Most of my effort is placed in trying to focus my dog and blocking his view.
Well, the kids were blocking the cashier's counter and it had nothing on it.
Tamoxifen interferes with tumors' ability to use estrogen by blocking their estrogen receptors.
By blocking, you'll be able to turn the tables and switch the momentum of the fight.
If you are using ad-blocking or pop-up blocking software, you may experience problems streaming video.
The findings suggest an alternative to antipsychotics, which reduce tics by blocking dopamine.
In the case of recall, propranolol may work by blocking the pathways by which those symptoms become linked to a specific memory.
Antihistamines act principally by blocking the action of histamine at receptors located on the blood vessels in the nose.
Blocking oil exploitation is putting humanity back in the oxcart.
The new results strengthen the clinical case for blocking apoptosis, he says.
The minority takes another step in blocking majority rule.
The downside is that all of that social blocking and tackling is invisible to search engine users.
These guys are facing teenagers blocking a sidewalk.
Hundreds of protesters blocking the hall of the state legislature were dragged out by police.
She was blocking up the whole goddam traffic in the aisle.
However, drugs designed to curb stroke damage by blocking glutamate's effects have shown disappointing results in clinical trials.
Which topics get people talking and which get them blocking.
The bruise interrupts nerve transmission, paralyzing some muscles and blocking sensation.
Preventing the expression of this protein or blocking its pumping action is another way to prevent or even reverse resistance.
By blocking the right taste receptors, biotech researchers turn bitter into sweet.
They fail to fight off infections as they are meant to and collect dangerously in organs, blocking their functions.
So he gave rats lithium for a couple of weeks, then artificially triggered strokes by blocking a brain artery.
Conversely, blocking the flow of sodium ions to the nerve cells prevented the regeneration.
Army tanks were positioned around the square, blocking all roads leading into it, but allowing people on foot to enter.
The village chief had agreed, indicating that higher officials were involved in blocking the pond.
Police intervened, ostensibly to keep them from blocking traffic.
Repression and irrational fear were blocking us from our rightful inheritance as free beings.
She got down on her hands and knees, slipped her fingers under the door, and tried to push what was blocking it.
Now service providers had a much harder time blocking them.
Some people's brains are better than others' at blocking out ambient sound during sleep.
Blocking often occurs when you use a credit or debit card to check into a hotel or rent a car.

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