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Before the remodel, the home's confusing floor plan blocked easy access to the rear garden and kept rooms dark and cramped.
He struck out a new way because he found the old paths blocked.
In many areas relief efforts have been hobbled by landslide- blocked roads.
If you've installed software to monitor your email, make sure your settings aren't causing your emails to get blocked.
Heavy clouds in the area blocked the full eclipse from view, but watchers were able to see some of the solar phenomenon.
If you have installed software to monitor your email, make sure that your settings are not causing your emails to get blocked.
Its owner was one of half a dozen elephants, all of which were a little miffed that we'd blocked their path to the watering hole.
Unfortunately, the seafood industry has often blocked the road to reform.
Researchers and local authorities blocked the flow in a tube that was feeding lava from higher up the slope.
These creatures flew in flocks so huge they blocked the sun for hours at a time as they flew by.
Arid and semiarid climates can occur when warm, moist air is blocked by mountains.
Check to make sure the exhaust pipe isn't blocked with snow.
Certain systems of veins and arteries ensure blood flow when the main paths are blocked or damaged.
Allowing them to become blocked with food and ash reduces their efficiency.
Web blocking settings allow you to choose what categories are blocked as well as giving you the ability to add custom sites.
The sale resembled events that have taken place or have been blocked at other campuses across the country.
It would not have blocked colleges from using other types of private-sector recruitment abroad.
When social media are blocked on a campus network, there may be nowhere to turn but cellphones.
Otherwise, those trustees who want to do good will be blocked by those who merely want to do business.
In severe cases, surgery may be needed to open blocked blood vessels.
The study's authors pointed out only about half of these key brain receptors are blocked by alcohol.
In these cases, no due process of law protects people before they are disconnected or their sites are blocked.
For millennia, humans have stared in wonder and awe as the moon's shadow briefly blocked out the sun.
What is needed is an antibody that binds strongly to a surface site on the virus, and which cannot be easily blocked.
The treatments prescribed ranged from a bland diet to drugs that blocked stomach acid production to, finally, surgery.
If the communication between the two cell types is blocked, the zebra fish heart starts to scar and cannot completely regenerate.
Similarly, methane has no effect on climate because photons that methane blocks are already totally blocked by water vapour.
Sur says that when the team blocked astrocytes, blood flow did not increase to firing neurons.
It also blocked out competing noises from other directions.
Less able to control their emotions when blocked from what they want.
For example, methane blocks photons that are already totally blocked by water vapor.
Once someone figures out a work-around, it becomes common knowledge and the work-around is blocked.
In both cases the complainants said amnesty laws blocked any possibility of local trials.
Earlier this month, hundreds of cars blocked the centre of the capital for the best part of a day to demand lower fuel prices.
Friction will remain as long as the bridge is blocked.
Yet the common patent was long blocked by linguistic chauvinism.
Though it deals with events around a century ago, the censors hacked at it and have now blocked plans to show a repeat.
Hanging may be unpopular abroad, or blocked by courts or regional politicians sensitive to local feelings.
Now they blocked the plaza's entrances and made their way through the tent city.
Simply add their names at the bottom of your forum preferences screen, and their posts will be blocked.
It blocked the road for a long distance on either side.
For much of his career, his own party routinely blocked him.
When he turned to leave, he was blocked by a line of police, who began spraying the crowd with tear gas and water cannons.
Both of these concepts, blocked menses and quickening, must be taken seriously by late-twentieth-century observers.
Political disorder and mismanagement have blocked new industry and investment.
One friend jokingly said the article had triggered flashbacks of traumatic, long-blocked memories.
Wading through paper litter and pulverized concrete, they tried to approach from the north, but were blocked by heavy smoke.
All paths to peace seem momentarily to be blocked by towering obstacles-even the ancient and oft-trodden highway of war.
Every sensible path to a long-run solution seemed blocked by special interests and political demagoguery.
He wore a noise-cancelling headset, which blocked out nearly everything besides his heartbeat.
We were redirected but every other route to the east was blocked by similarly toppled trees.
Police blocked them peacefully after a few hundred yards, but their bravado drew attention far beyond the art world.
Millions of commuters were stranded, as roads were blocked and trains stopped.
My fertility is taken amiss, my blocked colleagues take it for proof of lack of talent.
After about fifty or sixty yards, the way was blocked by thick bramble bushes and other undergrowth.
Until that can be changed, everything else is blocked.
Strokes, which occur due to bleeds or blocked blood vessels in the brain, cause some brain tissue to die.
The article doesn't specify whether or not the touch and the kinesthetic senses were blocked.
Such stents could be compressed and fed through a tiny hole in the body into a blocked artery.
The device picks up a subtle abnormality in electrical current that occurs when one of the coronary arteries is blocked by a clot.
One idea is to use low frequency signals that are not blocked by the plasma.
It worked pretty well unless you blocked the top of the box.
The market ends up corrupted and innovation blocked.
The darkening was from dirt that landed on the windshield and blocked the light.
T he romance bloomed, but the career seemed blocked.
The roads are blocked and bullock-pulled carts cannot reach the afflicted villages with food.
The university blocked further access to the private data and hired a consultant to help figure out how it happened.
Their efforts seemed to have blocked the legislation's movement.
First, we'd get fired and second, it is completely blocked on company computers.
Almost all the polarized light is blocked, and the rainbow vanishes.
The circle is the cell's nucleus as the protein moves in, and the dark spots are where the protein is blocked.
Shadows are created when a source of light is blocked.
The central star isn't seen in this image because its light has been blocked out so the fainter material near it can be seen.
Every few minutes, he squirted in a little dye to see if the blocked blood vessel had opened.
He used the femoral-to-aorta-to-coronary conduit to slip a tiny balloon into a patient's partially blocked coronary artery.
The smaller containment dome would theoretically be less likely to get blocked by hydrates because it would contain less water.
If the receptor is blocked, so is long-term potentiation, and thus memory formation.
Had it been visible light and not blocked by the sun, it would have been nearly as bright as a full moon.
If her tubes are blocked, her fertilized egg can be implanted and the pregnancy can continue in the conventional way.
There's a menu of options for clearing blocked carotid.

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