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Example sentences for blockbuster

It could have been the premiere of a summer blockbuster.
The right gear-and tips from the pros-will make your next vacation video a blockbuster.
If replicated, that's a stunning finding, a potential blockbuster for patients.
Genomics will make possible the kind of customization that undermines the drug industry's blockbuster mentality.
Add talking robots to the mix, and you've got yourself a surefire blockbuster.
Gillette, for one, believes he has one more blockbuster plane left in him.
It can take a year or more to isolate blockbuster drugs from the lot.
Some drugs that target ion channels have achieved blockbuster status.
As blockbuster drugs go off patent, the pharmaceutical industry is scrambling for fresh revenue sources.
Naturally, it became somewhat more difficult to conceive of a major novel that would not also be a commercial blockbuster.
The industry usually considers a drug to be a blockbuster if it reaches a billion dollars a year in sales.
Sitting solitary though a summer blockbuster has its perils.
The cost of a blockbuster does not vary based on the size of the studio producing it.
The pharmaceutical industry has long believed that a pill to increase longevity would be the ultimate blockbuster drug.
With some work, the script could be adapted into a blockbuster.
If anyone has earned a shot at blockbuster heaven, she has.
Paramount had bought a blockbuster cheap, but the studio bosses didn't want to make the movie.
It's the special-effects blockbuster or the safe remake that draws investment dollars.
Companies need to resist the feeling that it is not worth getting out of bed for anything other than a potential blockbuster.
These days studios conduct global marketing blitzes, trying to corral their audiences before the next blockbuster appears.
Rumours fly about the blockbuster deals that may soon be done.
Ever-increasing choice was supposed to mean the end of the blockbuster.
Yet the cost of discovering the next blockbuster drug is enormous and increasing.
Those genes will illuminate the biochemical pathways underlying disease, which will yield new genetic tests and blockbuster drugs.
These days, audiences in the mood for a summer blockbuster are attracted more by big-name characters than big-name actors.
The drug firm that makes a generic version of a blockbuster ulcer pill is simply cashing in on the expiry of a rival's patents.
The news isn't blockbuster, but it's consistently positive and improving.
The raw box-office count suggests an overwhelming victory for the would-be blockbuster.
Suppose you want to present a streaming movie using blockbuster on a power wall, in conjunction with a prepared talk.
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