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Then he argued that over the decades government has become bloated and lethargic.
The study of human illness depends on bloated rodents.
The government announces a rescue fund for a bloated banking system.
These projects morph into bloated bureaucratic make-work projects.
Free yourself from bloated code with these lightweight web machines.
As for the poor athletic departments, perhaps their own bloated bureaucracy might have a lot to do with their poor fiscal health.
Bloated farm payments are being scattered far and wide.
It is not uncommon to see a bloated copper shark beaching itself in its quest for food.
That's because the service has always felt bloated to me.
They graze on salty vegetation, so they drink much more than other horses and usually appear bloated or fat.
Nasa is the bloated sucking tick siphoning off funding.
Use the postage saved to line the pockets of another bloated administrator or faculty member.
Bloated inventories place downward pressure on prices.
In this case, it was apparently in a bloated form known as a red supergiant.
His economic team's efforts to reform a bloated state were thwarted by an opposition that never really let the president govern.
Early stars partially composed of dark matter may have been too bloated for fusion.
Bloated with hubris, he dismissed renewed threats of a coup.
Who'd have thought you could feel bloated and full because of too much lettuce.
Thousands of jobs are to be shed, in a frantic effort to reduce a bloated cost base.
He has barely begun to reform the country's bloated public sector.
We need a rationally sized military, not this bloated monster.
But for all the fun it kicks up, the movie feels bloated and chaotic.
T-shirts were sold showing bloated whales and blaming them for reduced fishing catches.
The sequels also feel bloated by the special effects in a way the first film didn't.
Junk mail, bloated newspapers and proliferating magazines have played a part in this torrent of ink.
The other problem is a state bloated by pork-barrel spending and hampered by a creaky tax system.
Bloated reputations and salaries sent costs soaring, far beyond what could be recouped by sales and the actual size of the market.
Other parts of the budget look hugely bloated relative to peer nations.
We all file by silently, glancing at his bloated, waxen corpse.
Bloated bureaucracies move slowly, and are therefore slow to die.
Several of them are equipped with bloated, ridiculous phalli.
We wrote systems and software that was lazy and bloated and wasted speed as it was cheap and easy.
His solution for a bloated, ineffective bureaucracy was to create another layer of bureaucracy to work around it.
She felt old and bloated, though everyone else thought she looked more elegant than ever.
Change your diet comrade, it is making you appear bloated.
Because as the financial sector got increasingly bloated its political clout also grew.
Yet the animals' intestines remain thin and underdeveloped in places, bizarrely bloated in others.
Administrations and campus bureaucracies can be bloated and inefficient.
When a star runs out of hydrogen fuel in its center, the core contracts and heats up, inflating the star into a bloated red giant.
In that scenario, a neutron star was orbiting a normal, if older and somewhat bloated star.
But being all bloated that close to a star turns out to be bad for your health.
And it was worth every single chew, every heavenly swallow, and every single bloated fat cell lining my middle.
After this has been done a sufficient number of times, the budget will be bloated beyond any reasonable comprehension.
Both support huge bloated governments telling us citizens what to do.
You're angry that you can't levy more taxes in order to support even more bloated bureaucracy.
The system is bloated with misdirected job training and misdirected promotions.
He was lumpy and disheveled, his eyes rheumy, the lids bloated.
There were emergency workers and medical staff wearing rubber gloves, bringing out bloated bodies.
They think that bloated, complicated language makes them look smarter.
With people focusing on such concerns it's no wonder that administration on campus is bloated and draining money from instruction.
As for bloated administrative salaries, this is a given.
Holiday foods are high in sodium and may be low in fiber a combination that may leave you feeling bloated.
The mystery of a bloated but strangely cold star has been solved.
Advisers often warn against investing in great big funds, because they're slow and bloated.
Astronomers have captured the best-ever image of a star sucking the gas away from its bloated, dying companion.
So the days of the bloated, inefficient, state-sponsored airlines are numbered.
But the bloated public sector is also a function of history.
We should devote the money spent on corporate welfare, and the bloated defense budget, toward education and health care.
Many fans despaired, feeling that rock had become bloated, pompous and pretentious.
In both countries, there is much grumbling about high taxation and a bloated state.
The industry's bloated overheads appear to be driving its decisions on the sort of drugs it seeks to develop.
The bloated coalition's first task was to set up a special tribunal to charge those responsible for the election violence.
Some drugs may cause you to gain weight or feel bloated.
He looks bloated, and his face wears defeat as its due.
Odd how a style that looked spare in one movie can feel bloated in the next.
They weren't bloated with blogs and video and interviews with the reporters who wrote the story.
It was a bloated disaster, short on compelling new features and long on glitches.

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