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The powerful storm is unleashing damaging winds, blizzard conditions, huge waves and coastal flooding.
Well, we've had our first snow that has stuck and are expecting blizzard conditions tomorrow night.
The snowfall bore about the same relation to a blizzard as a gentle breeze does to a gale.
Of late there has been considerable newspaper discussion about the origin of the term blizzard.
Freshmen in college wade through a blizzard of calculus, physics and chemistry in lecture halls with hundreds of other students.
The matter has been contested in a blizzard of law suits ever since.
Within the fortnight, a screaming three-day blizzard would sweep the canyon country.
He then shepherded his musical personality through a blizzard of artfully manipulated public personas.
The notion of intelligent machines inspired a blizzard of books and movies, but practical returns were meager.
The pilot would have no lights to guide him along the route and no radio to warn him of an approaching blizzard.
Through the windows, another blizzard is mixing up the air.
The windows rattle, and the blizzard comes on strong.
Every year so far we've had a blizzard at some point during the race.
Blizzard allows some third-party developers to create scripts and in-game add-ons that enhance the user interface.
The rest of the media were perfectly content to report a record setting blizzard as being consistent with global warming.

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