blithely in a sentence

Example sentences for blithely

They blithely ignored gas pipes, thereby endangering the public.
Taxpayers whistle blithely while they fill in the still uncompleted ones.
They circulate freely among the techno-cognoscenti, and it is striking how blithely they are uttered and accepted.
What the markets blithely ignored was the day's bad news.
And they worry about the way technocrats blithely trample individual efforts and override local knowledge.
There's no denying that the reverence now accorded this blithely solemn artist took an unconscionably long time in coming.
Even so, councils have been blithely granting builders permission for new developments.
To be blithely optimistic, this process might gather a momentum of its own.
The market model question you so blithely ask does not apply.
But in some ways, the current blithely optimistic doublespeak is worse.
However, it needs to be added that the point cannot be put so blithely.
Some others would blithely praise the successes of a rare team of thriving economies which somehow countervail the ambient glum.

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So in your discussions of the nuclear freeze proposals, I urge you to beware the temptation of pride—the temptation more
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