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Warm or cold compresses can relieve pain and swelling and may keep a blister from forming.
Puffed, mushy fruit, with skin that resembles a painful blister from a pair of new shoes.
Do not use glue, as it will blister the pads, causing them to rot.
We cover the grill in chilies, turning them as the skins blister.
Has it in any form and his mouth and tongue blister.
Tanned as they already were, their lips and noses began to blister under the fiery sunlight.
There's often a burned blister of cheese looming in the center.
He had not worn socks to play tennis, and had developed a blister on one of his toes.
Cook until lightly browned and the skin begins to blister, about ten to twenty minutes, turning occasionally.
Jennifer nods and licks her fever blister distractedly.
One of his leg braces caused a leg blister to form, which became severely infected.
It's a neat little tool with a sharp knife and a protected razor blade that lets you open the blister packs easily.
If she gets a blister, it's gone before she realizes it hurts.
Chances are you will have no blister, little pain, and no scar.
Blood from a blister has soaked through the heel of her sock.
Keen sandals are the only shoes that have never given me a blister.
Bring on those holiday-gift blister packages because now you'll be duly armed.
The fluid inside a blister may be sent to a lab for closer examination.
The blister is similar to that seen in persons with impetigo, but the infection spreads much deeper into the skin.
One doctor injected a mix of blister fluid, morphine, strychnine and caffeine.
Each blister is filled with clear fluid that becomes cloudy in several days.
After you've developed a blister, try to avoid ripping off the skin that covers it.
When you feel a sore spot on your foot, use the pads to prevent it from developing into a blister.
If the blister breaks, wash, apply antiseptic and bandage.
Photos of skin blister and and desquamation after radiation accident.

Famous quotes containing the word blister

His white head hung out like a carpet bag and his crotch turned blue as a blood blister, and Godfather deat... more
Lord, confound this surly sister, Blight her brow with blotch and blister, Cramp her larynx, lung and liver... more
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