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Example sentences for blissful

Those summers seemed blissful, sort of a happy dream.
It is not based on need but on blissful inevitability.
Fingers point, voices coo, faces crease in blissful grins.
If you have you can now live your life in blissful peace.
There are no guarantees, but reasonable precautions are better than blissful ignorance.
But the day-to-day is often peaceful, even blissful.
The touchscreen, on the other hand, was far from blissful.
Another is blissful unawareness of the preconscious mental processes that make the mind so suggestible.
One reader recalled three blissful months spent smoking pot in the name of science, but another put the scold on us.
Unlike people, they do it with a blissful canine ignorance.
Heather dear you can walk about the world in blissful ignorance if you so choose.
They point out that retirees suddenly have no place to be each day, which may not be as blissful as it seemed beforehand.
And the feeling of lightness and freedom after shedding all that stuff is blissful.
The three spend a few weeks in a blissful if uneasy truce.
Oh, dear reader: what blissful ignorance in which you live.
After a couple of blissful weeks though, things took an unfortunate turn.
Suddenly something gripped her leg, jolting her out of her blissful, drooling state.
Plus, ten top winter lodges for busy days and blissful nights.
The movie is a blissful fantasy of a completely organic life.
Suppose scientists found a way to give us permanent, blissful, mystical self-transcendence.
Annie spends a couple of blissful minutes stroking her coat.
The post-graduation holiday had been a blissful fortnight.
These drugs offered oblivion, not ethereality, a rush into the void rather than a slow drifting to blissful serenity.
Music that brings sweet sleep down from the blissful skies.
His music was grand, architecturally superb, rich and blissful.
Incorrect packing can turn a blissful camping vacation into a nightmare.
The financial toll tends to be rather less blissful.
With blissful beaches, you'll find peaceful anchorages on the leeward side, and ideal spots for snorkeling.
As time goes on, the tiring demands of developing the ranch take a toll on their once blissful marriage and they divorce.
Now, welcome to the debt bubble burst, the wrenching end of our blissful federal borrowing.
Ignorance combined with nastiness must be particularly blissful for you.
Blissful visitors stroll the park, the air redolent with the scent of sunscreen.
Where firearms are concerned, there is no such thing as blissful ignorance.
Blissful humpback whale, you dance with glee and swim circles with your pod.
Wanda signed the agreement and the marriage was blissful for the first five years and struggled along for the next five years.

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