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Example sentences for blinking

Each blinking pattern is an optical signal that helps fireflies find potential mates.
They have been chased off their farm with a suddenness that has left them blinking in bewilderment.
Without blinking or slowing down, they made the loop at the end of the canyon, the video camera panning all the while.
Carr writes about his own inability to concentrate amid all the hypertext links, new-mail pings and blinking banner ads.
At two o'clock he wakened me from my slumbers in the smoking-room arm-chair, and led me blinking into the dark starry night.
Here's the creepy part-the mechanism's been tested on cadavers, which are blinking away.
Try looking at the pictures without blinking or moving at all.
Abruptly, the craft began to motor around the pool on its own, with lights blinking.
The radiation dose is totally trivial compared to what your doctor would prescribe without blinking an eye.
Both hidden their true selves with charisma and lies without blinking an eye.
Okay, now imagine the higher power suddenly blinking out of existence and disappearing forever.
In addition to simply blinking more frequently, pay attention to how you are blinking.
He communicated what he wanted to say by moving his pupils and blinking to indicate which letter to choose from a computer tablet.
They show the active network with blinking lights at the nodes, its speed and connectivity, and its usage.
Video shows nothing but an occasional blinking light.
Third, electrical signals generated by muscular activity such as blinking are easily confused with actual brain-wave readings.
So theorists have proposed a new type of positioning system based on blinking stars instead of satellites.
He'd drop three grand at a bar without blinking and bought a motorcycle before he knew how to ride.
Motorists do not obey stop signs, blinking red and yellow lights or speed limits.
Normally spontaneous muscle movements, such as blinking, may need to be done consciously.
People can create projects that range from blinking light shows to more sophisticated efforts such as robotics.
Many of these patients can communicate by blinking their eyes, but turning blinks into words is time-consuming and exhausting.
Against blinking muzzle flashes on an empty moon face it was useless.
They drive right by this neighborhood without blinking an eye.
It's an apt metaphor for the one-blinking-light village.
On the way out of the dining room she pushed my chair past the parrot, who turned to watch us, his beady eyes blinking.
The family in the darkness in their fixed tableau watched one another by the light of a directional signal, endlessly blinking.
Online advertisers aren't content simply to make us dizzy with their blinking, flashing ads.
Blinking and flashing objects can be distracting to some users with low vision.
At night, acknowledge by blinking the landing or navigation lights.
The twin lights had one blinking and one still harbor.
Their blinking became a peculiar flicker that he found depersonalizing.
At first the patients only responded after the puff of air by blinking or twitching or flinching.
For a comparison, there was a few high flying planes over head, but those had red lights and a blinking lights.
There, you can see the asteroids blinking at different rates depending on how fast they're traveling with respect to you.

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