blinkered in a sentence

Example sentences for blinkered

But scientists had long been blinkered by preconceptions about the sleeping brain.
Unfortunately, nature has its own ways of dealing with the problems staring us in our blinkered faces.
Not that the education system is perfect, but this is an absurd, blinkered conclusion.
Reporters are meant to serve as emissaries between blinkered experts and broader society.
He was displaying the blinkered, narrow, either-or mentality of the true cultural snob.
It is amazing to see the blinkered view of history that current media has.
But its blinkered vision and altered understanding of the situation is shallow.
They are blinkered megalomaniacs, thats the problem.
It is difficult to conceive a more persistently blinkered and misbegotten set of policy responses to a crisis.
Apparently that bewilderingly blinkered sentiment is hardly unique.
Any inquiry that begins with a fixed premise and then seeks evidence to support it risks lapsing into a blinkered view of history.
The blinkered, semi-unconscious sinners stumble toward grace-a moment of clarity, of self-realization.
Swiftness is part of his triumph and of his character's blinkered, annihilating aggression.
The issues here are entirely obvious to anyone who is not blinkered by ideology and/or repression.
We see the impact of certainty when scientists are blinkered to new evidence.
Our successors will deem them self-serving, biased by our blinkered gaze, even ludicrous.
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