bling in a sentence

Example sentences for bling

When it comes to sheer celestial bling, stars might not corner the market on twinkle.
It is all about the money money bling for the agency.
The supersonic transport, soon to be upon us, will allow for no gam- bling more leisurely than cutting the deck.
Then they write rap lyrics that are worlds away from the bling-bling culture of today's commercial hip-hoppers.
But there is too much bling architecture-that's the show biz part of architecture.
The bling-bling era may be over, but don't tell that to wheel makers.
If you have any lingering doubt that the bling-bling era is over, look at the latest trends in custom wheels.
No, no the telephone, not the bling-bling kind of ring.
Bling was reduced to a stethoscope slung around the neck.
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