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Or a blindfold for a pirate's captive walking the plank.
She slowly puts on a blindfold, places a pair of scissors on her lap, then drops her hands to her side.
Certain loud noises are the acoustic equivalent of a blindfold.
Thither the boys who are to be initiated are conducted blindfold, followed by their parents and relations.
The burly guard returned, pulled one prisoner into the open doorway and tied a white cloth around his eyes as a blindfold.
It has as much to do with language as blindfold, in other words.
When she removed the blindfold, the children had to say where the token was.
Picking track favorites is tough enough but picking mid-packers should be done with a dart board and a blindfold.
If you are determined to sleep on the plane, use earplugs or a blindfold to help reduce outside stimuli.
Blindfold him and he'll still make putts and he has been great around the greens as well this season.
But some of them will do it with a blindfold and a nose plug to keep from seeing and smelling evil.
Eventually, my seatmate arrived, and promptly put a blindfold on for the night.
It features two disciplines: rapid and blindfold chess.
The movie appears to have been edited by someone wearing earplugs and a blindfold.
Pair the students up and have one in each pair put on a blindfold.
Put the blindfold back on and repeat the whole experiment with the new hand washer and guide.
Blindfold tests on aroma, taste, and appearance of cooked dehydrated foods.
Next, blindfold the second adult and repeat the process.
The horse has a saddle on its back and a blindfold over its eyes.
Minutes before his scheduled execution at two in the afternoon, he was given a blindfold as he waited.

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