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Both sighted and blind subjects gave similar results.
We invited chocolate amateurs and professionals to rate two dozen plain bittersweet and semisweet chocolates in a blind tasting.
Reading machines for blind people are now reaching more individuals who need them as both prices and sizes continue to shrink.
But the law has increasingly been turning a blind eye to the business.
Without treatment, she would have grown completely blind.
The iconic and instantly recognizable white stick carried by the blind could soon be replaced.
In an ideal world, the review process should be double blind so that people dont get published based on name alone.
Businesses could benefit if they turned a blind eye to queue jumping.
For the first time these sluggish, nearly blind creatures are photographed in their frigid habitat.
It is not catchy, and nobody pays a blind bit of notice.
Film footage showed the huge, deep-sea squid use its glowing arms to blind and stun its prey.
Spitting cobras use quick reaction and anticipation to attempt to blind targets with venom.
For years, technology companies and small software developers have created digital tools to aid the blind in everyday life.
So far, the houseguest who took me up on the emergency offer is still not blind.
MP s would not be permitted to hear evidence that could prejudice a subsequent trial, so their vote would in effect be blind.
He was also blind in one eye, something he tried to keep a secret.
Such patches are commonly used to test for blind spots or visual awareness.
Some would try to understand without negative comments, but some are culturally blind and narrow-minded.
Also, you should not list the journal because doing so could undermine the double blind process.
The first to go are the eyes: half a million children become blind each year.
Both new species belong to a little-known group of known as thread snakes-also called worm snakes and slender blind snakes.
In blind people, parts of the brain that normally process sight are instead devoted to hearing.
The company now employs blind people to produce these extraordinary and functional brush items.
Bliss cautions about accepting such stories on blind faith.
He is blind and developmentally disabled, and he has cerebral palsy.
But you took the time to approach this subject from the perspective of a rational outlook instead of a blind eye.
Babies are blind and totally dependent on their mothers for two or three months.
It is clear that there is a lot of blind faith and innumeracy among the responders to this blog.
Those in the study weren't entirely blind before the therapy.
In the book, humanity goes green, goes blind and then goes away.
So right beneath you you're blind as a bat with this system.
The captured travelers were able to get the monster drunk, blind him, and escape.
Nudibranchs are blind to their own beauty, their tiny eyes discerning little more than light and dark.
Blind and hairless, joeys are no bigger than jelly beans.
Try some sciences that actually help mankind, not blind and deafen him to the truth.
To think only in terms of genes is to be blind to the importance of social links for the human species.
Such beliefs are purely hypothetical, and therefore based on blind faith that prove nothing.
Throw your seeds with your eyes blind and you will grow something.
No differently than someone born blind learns to live happily and healthy.
All this can be seen close-up, without a blind, without recourse to binoculars.
Unless you've been living in a cave, you probably haven't run across this new species of poisonous, nearly blind pseudoscorpion.
Females have litters of one to four cubs, which are blind and helpless at birth.
It is only the blind who ask why they are loved who are fair.
Even some blind people are sensitive to light when enduring a migraine.
Other researchers are also working on prostheses designed to help the blind see again.
Something is changing, but obviously not the blind not seeing.
When it comes to water-hungry golf courses, however, a blind eye is turned.
In that case, the argument seems to be about blind people blindly running a fictional state of blind people.
If the layers all have the same blind spot, then it does not matter how many times you repeat them.
Recorders, who were blind to the study, noted where handlers indicated that their dogs had raised alerts.
Many smaller contractors prefer to turn a blind eye for fear of losing workers in such a tight labour market.
From choosing the right crust to betting on blind-baking, your search for how to make the perfect pie ends here.
Local officials often turn a blind eye to abuses, and when they do act, punishment for the guilty is light.
Even if you're color-blind and can't see blue, she explained, you can still learn to appreciate art.
Of course, blind acceptance is not the answer to everything.
The coders should be blind both to the hypothesis and, if possible, to any experimental condition.
Specific visual system regions might be lending a hand to boost hearing performance in blind people, for instance.
Most of the time, the secret is that we're gullible and our brains are riddled with blind spots.
Only the deaf appreciate hearing, only the blind realize the manifold blessings that lie in sight.
The merely blind have the window of their ears, the merely deaf listen through their eyes.
He evinces a blind spot for painting, with inert geometric canvases, but never a failure of nerve.
Red-green color-blind people may miss out on the subtle tones of a forest or a bouquet of roses, but they do get compensation.
She eventually went blind after the cells in her eye died and left corneal scarring.
Its absence renders the monkeys color-blind, unable to distinguish reds and green.
He wasn't blind: he had only one copy of the bad gene, and it takes two to get the disease.
She then set her battery-powered bot in a bower and controlled its movement from a blind yards away.
Though the injury left him blind in his left eye, the physical wounds to his head eventually healed.
Blind mole rats seem to navigate effortlessly through their complex underground burrows even though they cannot see.
Last fall she and her colleagues used the technique to restore sight to blind mice.
Ethics has a bizarre blind spot around parents and children.
Anyone who thinks science encourages blind belief is misinformed.
Those who subscribe to conspiracy theories in support of their denial are dealing in blind faith.
Most people find the warm coziness of blind faith more palatable than the cold reasoning of objective logic.
Thus the patient takes herself to be quite blind, while still registering some visual information.
Faculty, once they have found a berth, often become blind to the problems and deaf to the cries of their own indentured students.
Mice reared in darkness during this period are blind when they become adults.
But it does seem as if their blind thirst for money had corrupted the country.
Blind mice developed rudimentary vision when researchers activated certain retinal cells using a gene commonly found in algae.
The latest generation of retinal implants has shown striking promise in tests involving a handful of blind patients.
Millions of people around the world are blind due to corneal disease or damage.
Sorry, not all science falls neatly into controlled double blind experiments.
Arrogance can occur by blind resolve or indifference.
It is amusing how you can castigate the science based skepticism, but insist on the opposite extreme of blind faith.
We would be foolish to blind ourselves to possible alternatives, hydrogen or otherwise.
From the ancestral time the world space research established on blind theory.
One thing they have experienced time and time again is evolution's blind progress.
The philosophy and science of mind has other striking blind spots, too.
Since humans are effectively blind during gaze shifts, the subjects did not notice the swap.
Soon, physicists will kick themselves for having been so blind for so long.
They kept coming out for the blind auditions but nobody was turning their chair around for them.
So are the administration underlings who turned blind eyes to things they knew were wrong.

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