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Early blight is an increasingly important disease on potato.
You are a blight on this game.
Transformation Initiative have led to a decline in crime, elimination of blight, and an all-around sense of pride and renewal.
We're all under some kind of blight as adolescents.
Elevated water temperatures, perhaps the result of global warming, have been implicated in another blight against coral—bleaching.
The single painting in the back gallery seems untouched by potential blight or decay.
The blight has killed the roses.
The latest trouble is the explosion of late blight, a plant disease that attacks potatoes and tomatoes.
There is no end in sight to the blight.
Blight usually takes them out completely and wilt is not this forgiving.
Diseases include blossom blight and brown rot of stone fruit.
Tinny speakerphone is a blight on both calls and movies.
Elevated water temperatures, perhaps the result of global warming, have been implicated in another blight against coral-bleaching.
One solution to the human blight is to move underground.
Some good must come of it all-it must stimulate the hotel business-but it's also a blight.
Yet whimsy and sentimentality blight whatever is good in it.
Moreover, bleaching may not be a fatal blight, and corals may be more adaptable than scientists had thought.
The blight began by making the trees' bark fall away, then slowly killed them from the outside in.
Late blight continues to devastate potato and tomato crops around the world.
Tidal turbines are also hidden beneath the surface of the water and thus do not blight the visual horizon.
To help control early and late blight, apply a liquid copper fungicide.
The failure of the markets goes hand in hand with human blight.
The rows curve tight, but around them is a sort of scar of clay, and the leaves have a purplish blight.
And the slightest lack of interest on your part is interpreted as proof of your moral blight.
The time to show a message is when too late and later there is no hanging in a blight.
He says that that kind of talk is casting a blight on the glory of this country.
And above all what she stresses is the blight of a conditioning for luxury without the means.
But after years of reputational blight, the industry is starting to see the buds of progress.
Whenever the state has pushed fertility down, the result has been a blight.
Businesses and housing can be made close to center city with an underwater footprint--and little surface blight.
Corruption and regulatory failures, including low excise duties on spirits, add to the blight.
But there is no question that fear of crime is a dominant fact of urban life and a growing blight on suburbia as well.
Likewise, diseases such as fire blight can move from the root sucker to the trunk of the tree and cause significant damage.
If one is really concerned about urban blight, start with the basics.
Grayish brown bands of dry, dead plant tissues on milkweed can be blight.
Blight can be detrimental to the safety and economic growth of our community.
Enhance the quality of life for residents by reducing blight.

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The LORD will afflict you with consumption, fever, inflammation, with fiery heat and drought, and with blightmore
Some say that happiness is not good for mortals, & they ought to be answered that sorrow is not fit for immortals & is u... more
But you were not living at all, and I was half-living, so where the years blight these others, we, who were... more
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