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They evacuated in haste when this missile blew past them or perhaps in response to the impact itself.
Unfortunately, the tarp blew off on the interstate, causing a six car pile up.
But costs for the house, which opened this fall, blew well past estimates.
They routinely blew off office hours and spent research days at other employment.
The winds blew down power lines, trees and crops and blew roofs off houses.
Then a pickup truck blew through a stop sign, totaling our vehicle.
One day he forgot to vent some of his bottles properly and they blew up.
The impact ripped off his right hand and blew shrapnel from his sword and armor clean through his arm.
Unfortunately, it also blew the roof off the reactor building.
And our captain was up on the deck on watch, and it blew him off the ship into the water.
We knew climbers would be interested, but what really blew us away was how the general public was captivated by the story.
Mark untied the life raft, and it immediately blew away.
Everyone blew up balloons and let them go all at the same time, which looked really cool.
One day the sheer size of the electrical gear and lights blew the circuit breakers.
The wind blew her garments, and her unbound hair streamed loose behind her.
They blew trumpets and set the loudest voiced of the heroes to call out to those upon the island.
She seized it with a spasm of relief, put it to her lips, and blew with all her remaining strength.
In the end, it was the cost that blew away the wind farm.
They watched in awe as part of the comet's crust blew off and its core lit up in a fiery blaze.
The authors hypothesize that either wind blew the jellyfish into shallower water or the creatures swam there in search of prey.
The well blew out, the blowout preventer failed, and the drilling rig caught fire and eventually sank.
Then, a chemical reaction happened which is impossible because there was no energy to begin with, and the something blew up.
In other words, the wind blew strongly enough to drive all the turbines approx one day per week.
The pressure blew out all the junk they jammed in there.
The crescent moon provided almost no light, and soon a rain squall blew in obscuring what little light there was.
Four decades ago racists blew up churches and beat civil-rights marchers.
And that was how things were starting to play out before a quite different crisis, in the financial system, blew up.
One day an ice storm blew through the state, bringing down power and telephone lines in its wake.
So if the device blew out in the early morning hours, students were left stranded.
The senior optician was fired for insubordination when he blew the whistle.
Meh, it wouldn't be the first time government blew money on something useless.
Um, in case you missed, they already blew their opportunity.
At the time, my parents had only been married for about two years and whatever savings they had, they blew them that summer.
Apple already blew up user interface design with the mouse and then the touchscreen.
As it turned out, the toddlers with the risk allele blew right by their counterparts.
Several million volts coursed through our wiring and blew out nearly every electrical appliance that was plugged in.
The breath that carried his words crystallized and blew away.
Soon, even shade-tree mechanics could build motors that blew away production models.
Plastic bags blew into the cedars and caught on the branches.
Borders, of course, isn't going to say that the book trade is fine and sound and that it simply blew it.
He dropped ballerinas on the floor, threw dinner plates at people, and blew his nose on hotel towels.
They brought their cupped hands to their mouths and blew loon calls back and forth.
Its name remained secret right up to the moment when the signpost blew it.
He pulled a mangled contraption off a shelf and blew dust from it.
He blew my second candle out, he said one was enough.
After the well blew, engineers spent a lot of time getting the pinchers to pinch.
They belched and blew into the face of whoever was standing beside them.
Last night, a typhoon blew in from the east, and showers have been falling off and on all morning.
Far ahead, the engine's whistle blew, full-throated and remorseful.
The high wind of inspiration blew through his long, packed, isolated rustication.
When she thought the chimney and shade had cooled sufficiently she got up and blew down the chimney.
He blew up the questionable line and made it a seven-day story.
The army then blew up fourteen houses in the village.
So everything in this room must at some point have been part of a big star that then blew up and got scattered into the universe.
One suggestion was that it's due to the shock wave as the supersonic missile blew through the tenuous upper atmosphere.
But then they went a little bit out of their way to add some astronomy, and kinda blew it.
As it hunted, the animal continuously blew bubbles from its nose, which it quickly re-inhaled.
Six octopuses examined the bottles and lost interest, but two blew them repeatedly into their tanks' jets.
Again, huge amounts of energy were released, heating up the normal star's outer layers so much they eventually blew off the star.
Inflation simply blew them up, preserving the overall uniformity that astronomers still see.
What's more they would have some semi-valid sort of case given the risks of spreading radioactive material if things blew up.
But what blew me away is something you may not notice immediately in the picture.
But then gamma-ray bursts came on the scene, and blew away those distances.
The fungus produced a long stalk tipped with spores, which eventually blew away, presumably to infect more ants.
He stopped at one red light, but blew through the next one a few feet away.
But they had a post recently that kinda, well, blew it epically.
The final whistle blew, and fans spilled onto the field.
She repeatedly blew off the physical, the executive recalls.
The whistle blew and the train gave a jolt to signify its imminent departure.
The first rocket-propelled grenade blew the right rear door off.
The pens were found lying on the ground and blew up when people pulled off their caps.
Sixteen seconds after that, they blew the haywire rocket up.
Neither of you were having much success in your careers when this all blew up.
Thunderstorm winds blew down numerous large tree limbs and part of the roof of a barn was blown off.
Two weeks later another windstorm blew across the landscape.
More and more the wind blew, until at last it gusted and brought on a storm.
At this location it blew part of the roof off of a large barn.
The tornado blew out many windows in office buildings.

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