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Example sentences for bless

They bless babies, they bury elders, they sanctify marriages.
They perform tree ordinations, which means they bless trees and wrap them with saffron-colored robes.
Bless you all out there hurting and those trying so diligently to help.
My own friends and family, bless them, tried their best to help me.
Bless those of you who know right from wrong so clearly.
There were also prayer beads that retired people carry around to bless themselves for their next life.
My children, my grandchildren and my great grandchildren all were bless so far by no involvement in any wars.
The gathering attracted a number of eccentric investors, including one who offered to bless the gathering with a prayer.
In the early morning, a ceremony commences to gently bless respected elders with water.
He wants to bless us and he wants us to pursue relationship with him.
May he continue to bless the animals with a path to you.
The dogs bless us by being willing, able and cheerful participants.
Bless every misanthrope and pinch their adorable cheeks.
Bless her heart for howling into the darkness for so long.
He was doing the whole neighborhood, he said, and was here to bless the house.
Bless you bathrooms not for what you are, but for what you have saved us from.
Bless their hearts, such is the fate of insect hosts not vertebrates.
Bless it and its users, and all of you from jumping in here.
It came into a world that midwived it with difficulty and was ill disposed to bless its growth or trust in its possibilities.
There's no such thing-and all you high school students, bless your hearts for being here.
They bless everything and everyone with the little flick quotation marks, that rabbit-ear genuflection of cool, ironic sterility.
She took her job incredibly seriously, bless her heart.
Bless reviewed the four criteria for exemption and the evidence provided.
Bless explained further what backstop authority means.
Bless the personal lives of our leaders, granting them moments of renewal in the midst of demanding days.

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