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But they also illustrate its blending of science and art-the gleaming artifacts rival works of sculpture.
These products reduce the impact of logging by blending plastic with wood fiber.
He prefers combining a half-dozen kinds in pots, blending tone-on-tone patterns reminiscent of brocades.
To them it was as routine as blending a smoothie might be for us.
Add water, blending it in well to completely moisten the mix.
Find out which characteristics shine on their own and which make good blending ingredients.
They infiltrate online courses and secretly collect information about students by blending in with them.
Blending the campus with the community can have a beneficial impact on both town-gown relations and student retention.
Blending or hybrid learning does provide real enrichment of content and deeper communication between faculty and student.
And in addition there will be a homogenization of the gene pool, a blending of races.
Along with the kitsch that devolves from all folk art, this blending of the authentic and the contrived typifies the markets.
Her work includes a unique blending of technology and policy in the field of energy systems research.
Sometimes a blending of perspectives gives a more accurate picture.
It's the blending of science and humanity that makes great science fiction.
The present volume is thus a blending of two points of view.
He told it with a characteristic blending of quaint pathos and of lambent humor.
In the reports of the meetings held in his memory one catches the echo of a nature rarely blending sweetness with strength.
Scale is not a huge advantage on the manufacturing side of its business, which involves blending water, gas and a special syrup.
Blending smoothly with and into today's infrastructure.
In practice large groups of foreign students from a single country tend to stick together rather than blending in.
He made test runs blending berry and cherry juice with apple juice.
Wind and solar, in particular, cannot power a modern society and require fossil-fuel blending to play even a limited role.
The blending of economic systems in this global environment is inevitable.
Ewan on the other hand realizes the importance of embracing technological trends and blending them with education.
Yes, not blending in runs the risk of miscommunications but everyone knows actions speaker louder than words.
The main technological advances have to do with more sophisticated blending of techniques and mechanization.
By blending in with the octopus, the jawfish seems to have found a good way of moving about openly.
Cultural evolution may be considered to operate by principles of blending of traits, but this misses some important nuances.
After quality control checks, each whisky is then pumped into large blending tanks prior to aging.
Her work includes a unique blending of technology and policy in the field of energy systems research.
The short answer is that genetics is not blending of phenotypes, it is the mixing of discrete information bits, genes.
Cooper thinks that he'll get the best outcomes by blending the best of both human creativity and computer power.
He could, and did, celebrate his birthday by blending heads of state and movie icons with his local plumber.
Add oil in a slow stream with motor running, blending until thick and smooth.
With motor running, add oil in a slow stream, blending until combined.
With motor running, add butter, blending until combined.
Its sharp, delightful flavor is the result of a special blending job.
Paper recycles into new paper products by blending with water in a pulper.
The convergence, or blending, of several alluvial fans at the bottom of a mountain is called a bajada.
Keep in mind that locals can often tell you're a tourist, even if you think you're blending in.
Still, their best efforts at blending in sometimes fail.
It requires a bit of design alchemy blending software, engineering and calibration for the perfect feel.
Blending all those radios into a single system is essentially impossible.
They're average-brained people who are really good at blending their smarts with machine smarts.
But people were using it to manufacture methamphetamine, so they started blending it with other drugs to make that harder to do.
She found a way to create her own, blending different perfume oils.
Pipelines can't ship it because moisture in the lines corrupts ethanol, making it unfit for blending.
The style was unique in its method of blending diverse cultural genres.
It's a natural integration and blending of cultures and sounds and genres.
Visitors learn the history of the estate and observe demonstrations of aging and blending on the distillery tour.
They say they usually argue over blending, but that makes a better product in the end.
The two extremes of triumphs and disasters are blending into a soupy middle.
The result: a seamless blending of reality and parody.
Cirque's triumph is that it has kept to the point, to its earliest mission of blending circus with theater.
How architects are blending security and technology into big, beautiful buildings.
The remembrance of things past can be a mysterious process, with realities and myths blending into a vivid picture.
Hide the seam by blending the twisted ends of the rope together where the clay meets.
Add dry ingredients to butter-sugar mixture, blending until flour is no longer visible.

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