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Blend all pesto ingredients in a food processor or blender until smooth.
Skin four-five tomatoes and blend them in a blender.
The new gadget was even unceremoniously dumped into a blender to see if it could be turned into pulp.
It essentially throws books in a blender to see how the comparative phrases in different languages stick back together again.
And that's before any blender's credit or tax benefits from government for processing cellulose.
The cost of such a fecal transplant--as low as an enema kit and blender.
Blend using the immersion blender for about two minutes and set aside.
The blender and the food processor, on the other hand, come with no such guarantee.
Fruit can be chopped and thrown into a blender frozen for smoothies that don't need ice.
My fave no-worries dessert: skim ricotta cheese, sugar free jello chocolate pudding, mixed together with the hand blender.
As the paper disintegrates, turn the blender to medium speed and run until the substance is pulpy.
Use a blender, running on high speed, to mix the liquid and essential oil.
Tear paper for recycling into small pieces and place them in the blender, filling it about half full.
Place the steamed vegetables in the work bowl of your food processor or blender.
Cut the remaining avocado into slices and put it into your blender.
In a blender, place the remaining cup of milk, the room-temperature chocolate mixture and the ice.
In a blender, combine the corn together with the water at high speed until you have a smooth puree.
Once fully gelled, break into small pieces and return the mixture to the blender and puree until smooth.
Blend ingredients in a blender until smooth, adding small amounts of filtered water only as needed to make a thick paste.
Working in small batches, transfer soup to a blender or food processor and whirl until smooth.
Cut in with a pastry blender or pulse until mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
Whirl strawberries and honey in a blender until puréed.
Combine the coffee mixture in a blender with the milk, bananas, and ice and blend on high until smooth.
Blend all marinade ingredients in a blender then toss with slaw.
When they're done, he whips up a fruit smoothie in the blender.
Somebody has to get up and start the coffee and put a can of frozen juice in the blender.
In batches, transfer to a blender and purée until smooth.
Remove soup from stove and blend in a blender until soup is smooth.
If you put quality ingredients in the blender, then you'll get a quality drink on the other side.
All it takes is a special blender and some syrup to bring a sorbet back to life.
Purée the cooked ketchup with a mixer or in the food processor or blender.
Puree half the soup in a blender or food processor, then return to the pot.
To make the sauce, combine all peanut sauce ingredients in a blender or food processor and blend until smooth-about two minutes.
In a food processor fitted with the metal blade or in a blender, finely chop the ginger and garlic.
Emulsify the vinegar, olive oil, and the honey-sugar water in a blender or immersion mixer.
Puree half of the soup in a food processor or blender and stir back into the pot.
Rub the butter into the dry ingredients with your hands or a pastry blender, continuously pinching and squeezing it.
Transfer the quinces, prunes, and sauce to a blender and puree.
For the finest texture, puree the soup in batches in a blender.
Combine the garlic and herbs in a small food processor or blender and blend thoroughly.
Puree in blender and strain through fine sieve and cheesecloth.
Let the soup cool a bit, and puree it in a blender or a food processor.
Syncing stinks, battery life is anemic, and audio is as mellifluous as a blender filled with tenpenny nails.
Much less messy and safe than using a regular blender.
Around the country, some bars are dusting off the blender and even giving it a place of honor.
Transfer the softened chilies to a blender, food processor or a container if using an immersion blender.
Cut butter into the flour mixture with fingers, two knives or a pastry blender.
Place half of the watermelon cubes in a blender and process until smooth.
Dad bludgeoned the nosy neighbor lady with a blender.
Process almonds in a blender in two batches until finely ground.
Meanwhile, blend tomatoes with juice in a blender until almost smooth.
If using the canned chipotle chilies, in a blender purée them with the water and reserve the purée.
Transfer plums to baking dish with a slotted spoon and pour juices into a blender.
All it takes is a package of plain gelatin and a blender.
Purée garlic with lime juice, salt, and pepper in a blender until smooth.
Blend together all ingredients with a pinch of pepper in a blender until smooth.
Purée garlic and ginger with fish sauce and vinegar in a blender until smooth, then pour over cabbage.
Purée livers in a blender, then transfer to a large bowl.
Transfer half of strawberry mixture to a blender and purée with cream until smooth.
Blend dressing ingredients in a blender until smooth.
Cover with a light vegetable or chicken stock and simmer for a few minutes, then puree roughly in a blender.
Modern-day mothers abandon the mortar and brandish the electric blender instead.
Blend brown butter with remaining crêpe ingredients, except chives, in a blender until smooth.
Pulse tomatoes with juice in a blender briefly to make a chunky purée.
It can be made in minutes, using a blender or processor.
Using the tips of your fingers or a pastry blender, work the ingredients together until the mixture resembles coarse crumbs.
If mixing by hand, cut in the butter and shortening using a pastry blender or two knives in a crisscross motion.
Mix the remaining ingredients, using an immersion blender.
The stainless-steel blender, its base embossed with a yak logo, begins to whirr.
The removal or sale of blended gasoline by the blender is taxable.
Beat the paper and water in the blender, or with the egg beater, to make pulp.

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