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Example sentences for blemish

No one construction is a blemish merely because it is a construction.
They caught the soft fruit in their home-made catcher and it suffered nary a blemish.
And, you know, better a blemish on a helmet than one on your head.
Often a button will scratch its way along a fender or the slipping of a screwdriver will leave an unsightly blemish.
Now that beauty norms dictate that any blemish or off-color patch requires immediate care, it's become harder to remain calm.
Trying to transfer may be a huge blemish against your app.
Visine is also good if you have blemish on your face.
Most of his production came prior to aggravating the injury tonight, and that is the only blemish since his return.
But one major blemish kept it more geek than chic: that stray-dog-ugly and easily broken external antenna.
Over the next hour or so this blemish widens and eventually consumes the sun, turning day to night.
Such a blemish can be only the inseparable consequence of such beauty.
And now these emails, they're a blemish on the face our great cause.
Tires shall have acceptable tread and be blemish free.
She had a small blemish on the right side of her skull that may have been a hereditary trait, or caused by surgery or an accident.
Select fruit that is heavy for its size with bright, fresh color and blemish-free skin.
They should be medium to dark green in color and blemish-free.
And diseases, which blemish produce, are kept at bay.
As the carving progressed, however, the dark blemish became more apparent.

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