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Example sentences for bleachers

The stadium seating is primarily metal bleachers, although there are some bucket seats behind home plate.
And here's a photo from over a year ago, showing similar style bleachers from a different angle.
Tickets to sit in the bleachers cost money, but roughing it on the sidewalk is priceless.
Slip this sweatshirt over anything for the ultimate in relaxation whether you're on the bay or in the bleachers.
They had bleachers for the sailors and even served popcorn.
Nor can they tell you whether sitting in the bleachers is a good idea on a first date.
No crime, a good school, basketball games that would draw nearly everyone in town to fill the bleachers.
We spread our wet gear on the raggedy wooden bleachers to dry.
On a darkened set of bleachers behind him a vague chorus laments the donkey's fate.
The bleachers were packed with soldiers wearing fatigues.
He rode in a golf cart through an underground tunnel from the dugout to a little section near the right-center-field bleachers.
His ears were sensitive too, perhaps overly so: he could hear a heckle from the back of the bleachers.
Strap under the seat to fasten to bleachers and convenient carrying handle.
So instead of running all the way over and straight down, the squatters sprint down the bleachers diagonal to the best spots.
Some seats from the northern half will be inserted into the permanent bleachers, and many others will be given away or sold.
Audience standing in the bleachers during a gospel concert.
At the end of the evening volunteers will take jack-o-lanterns off the bleachers and dispose of those that are unclaimed.
The gymnasium also has bleachers along one wall for spectators.
They did, however, leave behind a painting on a stucco wall under the east bleachers.
Vertical ladders or access directly to bleachers or grandstands may be used as the second means of egress.
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