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Example sentences for blazing

The prosecution returned fire last month, guns blazing.
The wild dogs seem to be merely loping along, even as they match the impalas' blazing speed.
Blazing sun helps rid bed bugs, dust mites etc off mattresses.
The air was darkening-a strange darkness, for the sun was blazing.
Or how about an air conditioner sitting up on the roof in the middle of the day in the blazing hot sun trying to cool.
The fall foliage season with the blazing maples is one of nature's wonders.
Working the bellows of the forge with one hand, he used the other to thrust the bar into a bed of blazing coals.
It's large, white, with colorful pillows and wooden shutters that open to a courtyard and blazing tropical light.
The sun is blazing from a blue sky feathered lightly with cirrus cloud.
Within a couple of hours, fires were blazing in the streets across much of the city.
Most of the time, companies will decide to combat piracy of their products by sending in the lawyers with all guns blazing.
And she no longer has to work outdoors all day in the blazing sun and torrential monsoon rain.
And it's tough to enjoy blazing fast downloads if your phone is dead.
The new solid-state model also transfers files at blazing fast speeds.
But it waxes between being a whodunit and a guns-blazing romp.
Then the blazing finale as a heap of gasoline-soaked bodies were set afire.
As it turned out, the blazing car was only a deadly preface.
Though her sound was not always attractive, this was visceral, blazing and deeply affecting vocalism.
Images of the blazing twin towers, however horrifically compelling, are not art.
Avoid blazing well-formed, large or valuable trees as blazing the tree may allow the entrance of bacteria and fungi causing decay.

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