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The answer seemed obvious: blatant, pervasive patterns of gender segregation across the workforce.
Most striking about these conspiracy theorists is their blatant disregard for the obvious.
Readers with the right stuff will feel burned by this blatant exercise in self-promotion.
Web sites clamoring for traffic are resorting to blatant bribery.
The alleged cartel's behaviour seemed quite blatant.
The changes going on around us are too blatant to be visible.
Notice the blatant neon signs, and consider how they deface the street.
Whether they are our own or someone else's, blatant mistakes are made and those mistakes affect our lives.
There are still the occasional product placements, but it's less blatant.
The primitive sound fails to mar the tenor's soaring voice and a couple of blatant false starts lend the album a rare reality.
Writing off supply-side economics as a blatant fallacy is as much of a 1990s relic as wearing a goatee.
If the crime reaches a level of blatant disregard for human life, the offender should be disposed of expeditiously.
We will never have a complete record, but saying that there are no transition fossils is a bit ridiculous, if not a blatant lie.
Every one of them is big and mean, with an engine two sizes too large and a blatant disregard for fuel efficiency.
And some are blatant attempts to disrupt the protests by claiming upcoming rallies have been canceled.
All it took was the absence of a blatant stereotype to increase their interest in math.
It's always troubling when a president tells voters blatant untruths about foreign policy.
Then they were pushed into ghettos because of restrictive deed covenants and blatant discrimination by landlords.
She reluctantly complied, but got her own back in other ways, mainly by having blatant affairs.
The tax increase is an unusually blatant act of protectionism.
Experienced traders say the accusations, if true, suggest a scheme so blatant that detection was inevitable.
Lawsuits will thwart blatant knock-offs in rich countries.
Although other prime ministers may have had ulterior motives, they were less blatant, he says.
Auction spectacles offer blatant facts and figures if not entirely transparent ones.
He expects the number of examples of such blatant criminality to be small.
The vagueness of the legislation means that the authorities may prosecute for lavish entertainment as well as more blatant bribes.
Northern efforts to drag out, delay or sabotage the referendum are increasingly blatant.
But the youngsters seem to have been offended too, perhaps not by the content but by the blatant attempt to manipulate them.
But the bias in policies is too blatant and too long-standing to be down to that alone.
Yet the story has been ballyhooed around the globe as an example of blatant racism.
Not to mention the author's blatant glossing over the fact that nobody is trying to make cars smaller.
Yes, these are blatant self promoting links, but they provide far more detail and additional links than can fit in a blog comment.
DeLay memorized the rule book long ago and seldom commits blatant fouls.
Most of the time it's not so blatant, nor frankly so malicious in consequence.
On the other end of the spectrum are blatant deniers of warming, which are actually few and far between.
Such blatant politicization of science has no place in a rational society.
Blatant scaremongering and misrepresentation of the actual position.
It was a blatant admission that he had no interest in discussion.
She possesses considerable social awareness, but only one or two of her stories become blatant social protests.
It is the blatant tone of levity which runs through his work that almost drowns out the perception of this literary substance.
To be sure, on this matter there are blatant double standards throughout the world.
Hostility to the concept was widespread and blatant.
Never was so much blatant conformism, corporate ambition, and the crudest self-interest made so spectacular by images.
Others have received phone calls and other blatant threats, typically from a student unhappy about a grade.
Seven years in that type of industry will reveal the blatant misuse of our tax dollars in the name of mis-education.
Here's one: fire bad teachers at the first signs of blatant incompetence, and start with the bigots.
Various degrees of control can be experienced, from subtle manipulation to blatant ordering.
Another blatant oversight is leaving a neon sign brightly lit after a violent tornado thrashes a drive-in movie theater.
All too often, they will tell blatant lies and the show hosts will not call them out on it.
Many previous efforts to bring blatant violators into compliance had failed.
It has been used for reducing some large traces and is believed free of blatant bugs.
The problem is that they are undervalued in ways that are sometimes subtle, sometimes blatant.
The play discusses with all the blatant bad taste of cinema cheapness the younger generation.
For many public companies, such a move would be considered drastic for its blatant nepotism.
Local news shows try to boost their ratings with blatant tie-ins to prime-time network fare.

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