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They then blasted each mixture with powerful sound waves for up to an hour, to break the drugs up into tiny bits.
Their houses have been blasted, their crops destroyed.
Scientists can determine the age of a lunar landscape by counting the craters that have been blasted into its surface by meteors.
To test this idea, the team also blasted a hole in the rock bed and filled it with sediment.
All four maps were exercises in fiction, and every road sign had been blasted into illegible shreds by shrapnel and tank fire.
Two days before the sky show, a gust of solar wind had blasted off from the sun.
It is difficult to imagine the colorful fishing boats, the domed churches, the speeding mopeds and relaxing cafes blasted to bits.
The pirates blasted the stranded sloops with cannons.
Sid wouldn't need a sewer backup to be blasted out of the kitchen sink.
If you get out of line, you may get blasted with an invisible heat ray.
Well, there is also a lot of deuterium and tritium on the moon, probably blasted there directly from the sun.
They obviously started off as bits of planets, blasted into space.
Known as cosmic rays, the particles are mostly protons blasted out of supernovae.
Dust and rocky debris blasted off the satellites' surfaces continues to orbit the planet for many years.
For nearly a century, researchers have known that galaxies are flying apart from each other as if blasted outward by an explosion.
To make it travel more efficiently, researchers blasted a short burst of sound at an electron trapped in an energy well.
But when you were challenged to find some peer reviews things you blasted peer review.
The odds are somewhat better for neutral results, and pretty blasted high for negative ones.
We have had so many killings that our own values have been blasted askew.
The campaign regularly blasted them out to millions of people.
When she attempts to construct a firebreak, she gets blasted.
The vehicles were blasted with small-arms fire and set alight.
He got up and kicked it again and again until another soldier nudged him aside and blasted the lock with a riot gun.
First he tried a dye-filled fire extinguisher, which he blasted at the sleeping bulls' flanks.
By the time the arm hurtled forward and the ball blasted out at a programmed height and angle, a strike seemed preordained.
Craters make rays when the ejected material blasted out forms long plumes which fall across the surface.
What astronomers call dust, they are blasted by the intense brightness of the light coming up from below.
Then along came a comet or another big body on a collision course and blasted the moon to bits.
From the blasted pupils, it could also possibly be a catnip overdose.
At some point this happens so fast it's essentially an explosion, and the object gets blasted apart.
The blasted thing seemed to have recognized lineage.
Consistently he has blasted his enemies as drug addicts and rats.
The billions of blasted fragments would magically recombine, rescinding the destruction they had done.
The powder factor should be in line with the type of rock being blasted.
Lava blasted into the air breaks into small pieces called cinders.

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