blankly in a sentence

Example sentences for blankly

All the pictures in the room had gone with him, and the yellow walls glared blankly.
For a single second they stare at each other, blankly, and then the horror gathers.
They remain there throughout our visit, staring blankly.
She looked at me blankly and called again for her babies.
Those students whose heads are not on their desks look back at him blankly.
Finally the thing was done and then the two stared blankly at the bleak fact that neither of them knew how to record their work.
We'll never experience the long hours hunched over a drafting board or staring blankly at a computer screen.
While in the hospital, he had episodes of slurred speech and spells during which he stared blankly and was unable to speak.
It's amazing, but if you ask a professional what their primary talents are, they will look at you blankly.
Both looked a bit blankly at the general, as though to inquire why he asked advice in so elementary a matter.
The lady stared blankly ahead, her wobbling knees hitting the sides of the cart.
Tanya leans against the counter and stares blankly while her co-workers talk to her.
They sort of signed it blankly and they admitted to that.
He gazed blankly at the doctor, then stooped down to murmur fond words less distinct and articulate in her ear.
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