blameworthy in a sentence

Example sentences for blameworthy

The changes in our retention and graduation rates are no less blameworthy than are the failures of our politicians.
Strictly speaking, however, his life had been far less blameworthy than he made it appear.
He either succeeds, and achieves immortality in his profession, or becomes a blameworthy historical footnote.
Actions not otherwise morally blameworthy have increasingly become the source of criminal sanction.
The kinds of errors, blameless and blameworthy errors, not surprisingly had different kinds of responses.
Next, defendant's conduct does not appear to be morally blameworthy.
They cry out for attention and it would be a blameworthy administration to ignore them.
Thus if a defendant is less blameworthy, he should receive less punishment.

Famous quotes containing the word blameworthy

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