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And yet, this cultural unifier is also blamed for contributing to high levels of diabetes and obesity on reservations.
As the movie implies, the lack of results could be blamed on the lack of a proper experimental design in the first place.
Favelas are also routinely blamed for drug-related violence and all-too-frequent muggings.
He was expected to cope with shortages, yet hold prices down: if he did not do both, he would be blamed.
University officials blamed a private company that facilitated the enrollment of the students for the situation.
In that case, bogus agents were blamed for the fraud.
Worse, because autonomous technology is independent of everything, it cannot be blamed for anything.
The structures of intellectual life that currently exclude so many cannot be blamed entirely on others.
He has already blamed his students, put them in a box, and sealed them up.
Then, when he was turned down, he blamed everyone but himself.
It's interesting to me what gets blamed in the eternal outcry about how students don't study enough.
But that doesn't mean the barista is a failure, or the college should be blamed.
Seeing that it was involuntary, he can hardly be blamed.
The family then blamed themselves and the physicians for permitting the marriage.
They need to do enough to seem as if they cared about unemployment but not so much that they get blamed for it.
And his staff was said to be angry that his illness was being blamed.
Hugh took the opposite tack and blamed their apartment for making them cheat.
They don't want to be blamed for bad outcomes, so they are willing to do bad things to avoid them.
These schisms widened during the years of exile as leaders blamed each other for the failure of the protests.
Most mutual-fund investors, though, can't be blamed.
Video games have taken a lot of heat lately, blamed by some for triggering violence and fostering sedentariness.
People have long blamed the moon for inspiring strange behavior in humans.
The other half can be blamed on the pharmaceutical industry.
Drug blamed for a broader range of harmful effects.
The health and fitness industry should be blamed more than anymore for this pandemic.
And yet car crashes usually get blamed on the driver, not the car.
Weight gain is usually blamed on poor diet and a lack of exercise.
The coyotes have been blamed for eating cats and other pets that stay out at night.
Seriously--any species lost largely due to its lack of good looks and appeal can be solely blamed on us.
Acidification and warming surface waters have been blamed for the rise in coral bleaching, which is killing off coral worldwide.
Now it's called climate change, so mankind can get blamed for those too.
Another surprise was the large number of inmates who blamed their crime on antipsychotic medicine.
Imaging and technology are being unfairly blamed for our rising healthcare costs.
Any adverse reactions to a new drug, for example, could be blamed on new tests failing to spot dangers.
Many others feared they would be next and blamed their government.
The government has blamed the rise in the cost of bread on soaring global wheat prices.
Local traders, who are not fools, blamed the import curbs.
Inequality is often blamed on globalisation, which some argue has helped to depress the wages of the lower skilled.
It blamed the airport's intransigence for such absurdity.
And urban pollution has been blamed for intensified electricity and lightning in storms over cities.
These studies blamed the extinctions on climate change-including the last ice age-instead.
Thousands of other fatal illnesses have also been blamed on the disaster.
For many years, scholars blamed the empire's fall on politics.
Some have blamed intense fishing for the crash of these booming catches.
In each instance, authorities blamed an enormous crocodile for the rampage.
Officials blamed strong wind and lightning for the power failure, although researchers have disputed these findings.
Widespread poverty and a rapidly expanding population are blamed for the constant pressure to clear land.
Our failure to curb such mayhem must be blamed on tolerance, not ignorance.
The outbreak was blamed on infected tomato plants sold at garden stores.
The biofuels industry is being blamed for record food prices and high price volatility.
Other pollutants under investigation are being blamed for more regional amphibian declines.
Countries where hunger is widespread are frequently blamed, moreover, for allowing excessive population growth.
Later, when it was clear they had made a mistake, they blamed it upon the administration's incompetence.
Yet when abuses inevitably followed, the administration blamed only low-ranking soldiers instead of taking responsibility.
But they're also going after him because he's so desperate not to be blamed himself.
Our aversion to book learning is often blamed for this notorious inability to put two and two together.
The editor was later forced out and blamed the president.
But she blamed the incident on alcohol and did not bring it up again.
When clients were having difficulty finding work, she blamed them.
Not surprisingly, they have been blamed for neglecting our interests.
She is the object of unrelenting scorn in the press, blamed for all catastrophes, large and small.
Schizophrenia has long been blamed on bad genes or even bad parents.
Production of ethanol has been blamed for corn shortages that have contributed to higher food prices.
When doctors over prescribed antibiotics and resistances were formed no one blamed the pharmaceutical companies.
Poisoning, malaria, and even heavy drinking have been blamed.
Stress gets blamed for count-less afflictions--from headaches to heart disease.
If you don't evacuate and people die, you are blamed and have some potential liability issues.
When they quit, as many did, they blamed themselves for their inability to thrive.
No one would have blamed him for putting the wedding on hold.
Poor people have long been stigmatized and blamed for their situation.
Officially, the fire was blamed on faulty wiring, though some argued that the careless toss of a cigar was more likely the cause.
As an example, outbreaks of cholera in urban areas have been blamed on inadequate sanitation.
No fatalities were blamed on the extreme temperatures.
Survivors have been unjustly blamed for the symptoms they experience as a result of victimization.

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