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It has become common to place the blame for such problems on foolish multiculturalism-on too much tolerance of alien ways.
For decades, community colleges have tried to shift the blame for low transfer rates to the four year colleges.
The scientists also blame changing weather patterns on global warming.
Paved roads and sprawl are likely to blame for summertime smog buildup.
There are those, however, who still maintain that an external blast was to blame.
If fallen leaves are yellow, overwatering may be to blame.
The hedge funds would have only themselves to blame if they take academic papers and misuse them.
Blame is not an end itself but a means to a solution.
Those same groups say hits to water quality such as farm runoff are also to blame.
Don't blame your job, the traffic or your mindless chores.
Many point the blame at our globalized food system, and advocate eating local.
They did receive the vast majority of the blame, but there is abundant blame to go around.
Scientists say rising temperatures brought on by human-made global warming is probably to blame for the melting trend.
Forgiveness is the only way to break the cycle of blame and pain in a relationship.
But you can blame them for throwing temper tantrums in response.
It is also important that advisers not blame themselves too much.
If you expect equal pay for equal work, blame evolution.
Greenhouse gases have taken much of the blame for rising global surface temperatures over the past century.
But it is so wrong to blame the record companies alone.
But the lack of any rationale for you to refute further encourages you to blame yourself.
Instead, hunger is largely to blame for so-called nuisance behaviors, he said.
On the other, they'll say they don't know everything so you can't blame them for being wrong.
Services that promise to deliver anonymity admit there are flaws, but insist underlying technologies are partly to blame.
In a sense, you cannot blame the budget cutters for overlooking the implements of our demise.
They blame government corruption-and foreign business interests-for the sorry state of the country.
Nonetheless, maybe there is still reason to doubt whether the canon is to blame.
Meanwhile, many in the industry blame government for failing to provide strong policy to spur the investment they need.
It removes all the blame from the parents and puts it on the government.
Biologists blame global warming for this and other declines.
Research is needed of course and medical attention for such sad cases but not blind blame.
C'mon, don't blame fiction for reinforcing bad ideas.
If you feel lonely persistently, blame it partly on your genes.
The causes of the shortage remain tangled, but a few factors are probably to blame.
Blame it on the carriers, blame it on the economy, blame it on any number of factors.
Some would blame you, some would take it to honor court.
Others blame weak demand, as high inflation, falling real wages and fears for the future discourage household consumption.
All too often, profs in other departments blame us when their students can't write well.
Academe bears some blame for that loss, the author charges.
However, some gamekeepers advocates deny that fires are to blame for the decline.
We can blame it on the business, which likes selling what it already sells and throttling alternatives in the crib.
If the creepy guy next door suddenly stops wearing shorts, he may have an eye in the sky to blame.
Cloud-borne bacteria may be to blame for rain, snow and hail because they affect the way water molecules bind.
Scientists blame a number of factors, rather than a single cause, for the wetlands' decline.
If there is anyone to blame for the nuclear disappointment, it is the nuclear industry itself.
Health authorities said the vaccine isn't to blame for the rise in resistant strains of the bacteria.
Likewise, teachers should not pin the blame for a failure to convince the student merely on the obstinacy of the student.
It's easy to blame the tube for fostering a flight from serious issues into glitter, froth, and measuring tape.
Spring is coming earlier, and nature is scrambling to keep up, according to scientists who say climate change is to blame.
Many people, however, blame sulfites for the headache they get after drinking red wine.
We can blame birds-particularly waterfowl-for that's where flu first originated.
Migrating birds or the poultry trade may be to blame, experts say.
If you get tongue-tied when trying to learn a new language, your genes may be to blame, a new study suggests.
But many watermen disagree that their harvests are to blame, and say the problem is much more complex.
Scientists are uncertain whether the warming climate is to blame for the extinction at the end of the last ice age.
Many blame forms of fishing other than their own-those who fish from small boats blame freezer trawlers.
We shouldn't blame faith for the ways people distort it and misuse it.
As you can see, literally everyone is to blame for this supposed lack of prepared graduates in the workplace.
It seems to be fairly common for them to blame themselves, even if they feel that the student is somehow also responsible.
Blame can be leveled at both groups, but let's not overlook politicians who want to cut funding for education.
It is usual to blame the weak economy for such cutbacks.
We do want to blame the students because students, no one else, are ultimately responsible for their own learning.
The writer of this piece is of the same ilk--blame whitey, but let's have a conversation about race, then blame whitey again.
Psychopaths are attracted to personalities that can be manipulated into self-blame for the behavior of the psychopath.
But other work emphasizes that it is too soon to blame the economic devastation on climate change.
No doubt the little goblin in the snuffbox was to blame for that.
Absent none without blame, present none without excuse.
When one remains modest, not after praise but after blame, then is he really so.
But when they persist in attempts that are beyond their power, mishaps and blame ensue.
If the victory is a barren one, the blame is his own.
Most of the blame for that must go to the candidate.
Surely there is more than enough blame to go around.
When they wanted someone to blame, they turned on him.
Where the crisis began, people seemed less inclined to put the blame much higher than its local faces.
She will blame the books she read, because they didn't prepare her for her life.
We blame the winners, not the prize, for the errors.
He deserves all the blame and ignominy that befalls him.
The blame for today's still-high levels of automotive pollution les with cars whose emission-control systems lack durability.
The sun is to blame because with out the sun, there would be no life, and so no oil.
It is unfair to blame rising corn prices solely on ethanol production.
The boss should always get the blame, and this is no exception.
It is really shortsighted to blame the car for the source of electricity.
And now that they aren't getting a piece of the pie that they had hoped for they are placing blame on someone else.
Teenage boys with behavior problems may be able to blame their brain chemistry, according to a new study.
Autism research is progressing quickly, but without a solid diagnosis, some still blame vaccines.
If you're a soloist you have no one to blame but yourself if the concert goes badly.
If you had to blame one thing for the mistaken impression about glia, it would have to be electricity.
And it sure is convenient to find scapegoats on which to blame the global recession.
Further, to blame the artist is also to blame the messenger.
Two studies published this past spring pin the blame squarely on humans.
Current consensus pins the blame on an immune overreaction to normal gut flora.
Doctors often blame it for injuries that may have been caused by the hobo spider instead.
We've known as much for decades but for all this time, we've pinned the blame on the wrong species.
We can blame the sun's diversely energized photons for this inefficiency.
There's a lot of blame to go around for debt-ceiling insanity.
If you're looking for somebody to blame, blame everybody.
Blame the corporations who turned jobs over to machines and foreigners.
But you can't blame it all on the rest of the world.
But it wasn't bad enough to take the blame for the loss either.
Coffee-industry veterans blame financial speculators.
His detractors blame him for the state the world is in.
He really rattled me a few weeks ago, when he tried to blame snowfall on warmer weather.
Let the country that committed the crimes bear the blame for them.
And each has sought to shift blame to the other side.
There is always a tendency to blame unpalatable measures on the king's ministers rather than on the king himself.
Partly to blame may be the decidedly political character of his work.

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