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The tall three-bladed fans are the ubiquitous symbol of wind energy, but they aren't the only design on the market.
The lancelet resembles a lancet, a double-bladed surgical knife.
Near the feet, two chunks of birch fungus on leather straps were recovered, along with a flint-bladed dagger and shoes.
The three-bladed propeller was separated from the engine crankshaft and came to rest adjacent to the main wreckage.
The single-engine, four-bladed aircraft are used for armed reconnaissance.
These large-bladed, exposed ceiling fans circulate air rather than draw it into or out of a building.
Use a thin-bladed knife to cut into pieces, wiping blade in between cuts.
The screw propellers are of manganese bronze and are four-bladed.
Run a thin-bladed knife around the pan's edge and remove the cake.
The twin-bladed, oversized rotor is designed for low to moderate wind speeds.
Propel and steer the boat by using one double-bladed paddle.
Most horizontal axis turbines built today are two- or three-bladed.
His firm was later instrumental in advancing the evolution of two-bladed teetered turbines and innovative vertical axis turbines.
The two-bladed, oversized rotor is designed for low to moderate wind speeds.

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Tomorrow night, when Phoebe doth behold Her silver visage in the watery glass, Decking with liquid pearl the blade... more
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