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The actual cutting is done between the middle and the heel of the blade, and not near the tip.
It also adds a smaller cutting blade and a sturdy corkscrew.
They seemed not to fly so much as scull the air with dark blade wings.
They are foot soldiers, who know they will live by the blade, and die by the blade.
Often the technological blade can cut either way, especially in the short run.
To prevent them from cannibalizing one another, their beaks are trimmed with a hot blade.
Between blade servers, virtual machines and green disk drives more is being done with the same or less energy.
Eventually, a series of batteries will be set into the rotor blade and used to selectively morph it.
Normally, these polymers are spread out across the substrate by spinning or using a small scraping blade.
There are no blades or blade changing wrench, no charger and no case.
His spins are dynamic, his footwork eye-catching, his blade work outstanding.
They believe that every stroke of the pen or the blade must be justified.
Tall, dapper and thin as a knife blade, he saunters onto a stage and fills it with his feathery virtuoso tap-dancing.
The flap is cut much thinner than with a metal blade, and the thickness is customized for each patient.
Place in a food processor fitted with the steel blade.
My favorite was that envious pianists concealed razor-blade hand mines between the piano keys.
As with the previous swords, the blade is firm enough for a spirited duel but won't do any permanent damage.
Three or four minutes into the flight, a blade on one of the two wooden propellers split and caused the engine to shake violently.
High-quality rotor blade deflection data sets are relatively rare.
The measurement does not depend on blade surface reflectivity.

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