blacktop in a sentence

Example sentences for blacktop

With car headlights illuminating the blacktop stage, the sport bike riding crew was putting on an amazing display of stunt riding.
Dark objects absorb more light, so blacktop paving would be hotter than concrete.
The lighter color parking lot is porous, the darker color is traditional blacktop, which is not porous.
Since the school's closure, the blacktop playground had fallen into disrepair with weeds growing through cracks.
Knowledge of, and the ability to operate, equipment used to paint traffic control markings on blacktop roads.
Students will work cooperatively to design a permanent tessellation activity area for the school blacktop.
Convenient access to the area headquarters on the west side is provided by a blacktop road.
The incident occurred on a blacktop mat which was the underlayment for concrete paving the crew was laying that day.
Permits are not required for resurfacing existing blacktop.
The paths are well-maintained, and some are even paved with new blacktop.
Record snowfalls combined with rain and fluctuating temperatures this winter have left cracked blacktop across the five boroughs.
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