blacksmithing in a sentence

Example sentences for blacksmithing

Workshops are also given in kite-making and blacksmithing.
Complete with animals and a garden, the exhibit also delves into the areas rural industries, such as milling and blacksmithing.
Costumed guides demonstrate weaving, blacksmithing, cooking and brick-making.
Quilting, blacksmithing, basket making at a folk school.
Learn about blacksmithing and how to start a fire with flint.
But sometimes riches could be made not in gold but in the jobs people did for the miners, such as blacksmithing or selling tools.
Crafts and skills such as soap making and blacksmithing were vital to the well being of individuals.
As with blacksmithing, the handle would have been added later.
Kids can also hop aboard a tractor-drawn wagon or view demonstrations of blacksmithing and wool spinning.
Interactive demonstrations include blacksmithing and gardening.
Special living history events, such as frontier living history, and blacksmithing is offered during the summer.
Period music, blacksmithing, and dugout canoe demonstrations will take place.
Settlement describe the lives of soldiers and blacksmithing and carpentry techniques.
Visitors will also see demonstrations of blacksmithing, spinning and candle making.
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