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The metaphor is taken from a blacksmith working a piece of iron, say a horse-shoe, into shape.
Find a blacksmith to fix a damaged chain,which was the main driving mechanism.
Large plantations were self-sufficient and included blacksmith, kitchen, carpentry and barn structures.
Tourists can also explore the blacksmith shop and barn on the property.
Take a stroll around the grounds and look inside the buildings that include a home, barns, blacksmith's shop and country school.
The restaurant was transformed from a former blacksmith shop and still includes the original large door.
Experience the olden days in the historic kitchen of the colonial cottage, check out the old school, a jail and a blacksmith shop.
Explore the village's preserved structures and see its inhabitants, such as the blacksmith, or ride the antique carousel.
If faces are badly chipped or unevenly worn, have them reconditioned by a blacksmith.
The blacksmith played an integral role in our developing nation.
The site served the local agricultural industry by housing a service station, a blacksmith and a welding shop.

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