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Blackmail only seems to work until the money's gone.
There followed news of other such cases, and of incidents where wrestlers paid blackmail to yakuza to keep their sins quiet.
Elsewhere blackmail and bribery helped get more people out to vote.
And threatening his employer unless they yield to your pressure, is bullying and blackmail.
There are many other forms of invasion of privacy, such as blackmail and the improper use of your personal data.
Everyone seems to have the best of intentions here, but in the end this is blackmail.
Previously the world had run on trust, bribery, and subtle forms of blackmail.
We do not deny, intimidate, insult and blackmail to cover up the error.
Generally speaking, they're not interested in blackmail.
It involves a little bit of bribery and a lot of blackmail.
With a staff critic, that mild form of blackmail is reversed.
Sometimes this fear-and this blackmail-comes dressed up in the guise of good manners and multiculturalism.
In the wrong hands, health records can be used for blackmail and public humiliation.
Some cases involve attempted blackmail, where courts habitually protect the interests of victims, however prominent or naughty.
The evidence suggests that he ran a vast racket of embezzlement, bribery and blackmail.
The term describes a type of corporate blackmail in which a big investor buys up stock and threatens to take over a company.
Users of illegal drugs may be susceptible to blackmail, especially if exposure of drug use could cost them their job.
Contains materials that threaten physical harm, blackmail, or extortion.
Behind his decision was one of the foulest attempts at blackmail in modern political history.
Threats, blackmail, extortion or similar violations of postal regulations.
Do not fall into a compromising situation where outside help may be needed or threats of blackmail could surface.

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